October 31, 2002


Happy Halloween if that means anything to anyone! Been kinda busy lately mostly trying to catch up with my school work since I slacked most of last week. Well here is a few high lights: Went home over the weekend with leslie. I didn't get to do much since I didn't have my car. I did get my hair cut which was extremely necessary, my head was starting to look like a bush. Spent some quality time with "the family". Came home on sunday and started on my school worked. Spent the last few days working on Computer Network and Arch project. The project is not that bad but we have use the OPNET software which is only available in the ECPE Lab.

I made a few changes to the site to make it netscape friendly but I've been unable to fully test it. IE is very tolerant of scripting mistakes but if it gives you an error you know something is up. After 2 weeks of trying to figure out why my script wasn't working correctly finally got it to work tonight. I also made a few changes to the pix page, I'm still in the process of changing the format for it.

Hopefully I can put a calendar on this page soon. It's already scripted but trying to make it more dynamic without having to use true script language (e.g. asp, php, etc).

All I have to say is this damn site is never going to get done at this rate

Random thought but maybe the "CS Army" might be back together this weekend lets see how that goes. 2 members are already present since umar has spent most of the week at my place. He'll be here until Monday so it'll be a fun weekend if I ever get my projects done. Damn midterm on monday too so I gotta put in some good studying time on sunday.

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October 22, 2002


This page won't be competely random but more of my rambling. This will be my first "blog" after my previous failure attempt. The site is a total revamp from what I had a month earlier and now I am happy with it.

What have I done with my life lately? Nothing, I feel useless, hopeless, and lost. I had a quick chat with my good friend Shyan and we both confirmed our insecurities about what we're doing with our lives. He was absolutely right when he said we both would have been happier or better off if we both were either in grad school together or working at the same place. Having familiarity around is a great comfort. Yet here I am in grad school alone away from my best of friends but am I happy? No! I told myself not to regret what I have done but only regret the things I have not done. Lets see how my thoughts change as the year go by. This might be a temporary low note on my happiness.

On another note been taking lots of pictures and mainly avoiding school related work to comtemplate on this site. This is the only thing that I actually enjoy working on, besides going to the gym with vinh and bert, taking pictures, and sleeping.

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