December 25, 2002


Christmas just came and went. I spent most of the day moving stuff for my brother and hanging around the new house. Lucky Hau was there to help out with his truck. Otherwise it would have been a much longer day.

Well I woke up that morning with empty hands and empty pockets. I have no money and no money to buy gifts. I myself did not get any gifts thinking Santa just forgot about me this year and gave me a sack of coal for being a bad kid. Everything turned around when Hau left, he gave me a box of chocolate. I felt bad that i didn't have anything for him in return. Later that evening Shy and Ha came by to drop off a gift for me. Again I felt bad that I got nothing for them. They just said I got them something from Maui so this was just to even things out. Even later that evening Thang and Judy came by. They brought gifts with them for both Truong and I. Again feeling like a total ass I did not have anything in return for them. They said it was okay since in their personal opinion I have done enough for them and this gift is their appreciation in return.

That was my day.

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December 22, 2002


Just got my grades and what can I say but WTF OMG. In my personal opinion I did poorly. I only got one A and the other two B+. I thought I would get an A in Dr. Fox's class but as it turns out a 95.3 was not an A, WTF? Yes my point exactly. I only got a 91% on the final if I only got one more question correct I would had a 97% which is an A for IsR. I'm just upset b/c next semester's class won't be as easy. We'll see what happens next semester.

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December 18, 2002


Exams are over with. I only had two exams but they were stressing me out. Mishra's Computer Networking exams pretty much raped me. Fox's exams wasn't that bad I did somewhat well but not so well compared to the class. I'm just glad that it's over with, I hate this semester and I hate these two exams. The only good thing this semester was Dr. North's Information Visualization class. Now to celebrate!

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December 05, 2002


Well it's the day after the 1st winter storm of the season. From what I heard blacksburg got about 7" of snow. It didn't even take that long to get 7", less than 12 hours or something like that. All I remember was by noon when I left class it started snowing and by the time I finished my lunch at 1pm we already had 1". I was ready for the snow, I've been waiting to take snow pictures for a while too. Now that I had my chance I went buck wild. Well no I didn't go nutz over snow but I did take more pictures than normal. I subdued my urges to take pictures of everything I saw.

As for the day I wanted to walk around and take pictures some more but the snow just made me lazy as if I wasn't already. I ended up watching my two chinese DVDs and if that wasn't enough I watched "Joe Somebody" on my computer to waste even more time. By the time I was done watching movies it was like 7pm. The snow fall was still heavy and since I had no internet connection and I needed to get some work done I decided to go the Emporium. With the weather conditions I don't think anyone should have driven around but some ppl did. I made the choice of taking the bus. I waited and waited and waited ... so where is the bus you say? 20 minutes later after I took more pictures and video clips of myself the bus came crawling down patrick henry only 20 minutes behind schedule. The road was particulary slushy and the trucks were unable to keep up with the snow fall to clear it. Doesn't bother me, I was on the bus and any car hitting the bus would be doomed. Well I finally got to the Empo only found out that now I was sleepy and hungry. So I barely stayed there. Tried to finish a quiz only to find out that I did not get the 80% I needed. Yes I felt like a loser as usually but this time I really didn't care b/c there was SNOW outside.

Like the spontaneous person that I am, I decided to walk home fromt he Empo. For those that of you who do not know how far it's from my place it's almost a mile or so. This wasn't an easy strole in the park but in the middle of a heavy snow fall. Cars weaving in and out and buses running 15 miles an hour with like 10" of snow on the side walk or more depending if the trucks pushed the snow on to them or not. Well all in all I thought it was fun I took a video clip at the beginning and took a picture of myself at the end. The last part of the walk was dreadfully long since i was tried and cold.

It's nice to see snow and it provides for more photo opts. In some cases Brings good contrast into the landscape. It also makes you appreciate how easy or better it is to have warm weather. Driving wouldn't be such a pain, matter of fact walking around wouldn't be so dangerous. I walk around in fear of falling. I actually slipped on my way back from the empo, made a mess of myself, and a fool of myself infront of a stranger.

Tomorrow is another day since there will be ICE. Yes ICE ... currently temp is 28 degrees so we'll see what happen tomorrow. I'll have pictures of it!

Oh btw VT is like the only thing opened around here. Everything is closed, most public facilities and colleges. Most colleges with snow cancelled class, but not VT. If the BT runs VT runs! Oh well ... at least one of my prof cancelled class tomorrow.

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December 01, 2002


I can honestly say I do such a poor job of writting stuff down. It's been a while since I last wrote and of course lots of stuff has happened. I haven't taken that many pictures since I've been busy and I don't know what else to take pictures of. The one thing i want to start doing is take candid shot of people. I just hate it when people stare at me and give me the POS look.

As for thanksgiving, well there wasn't much of one. I spent 4 days working on my Streaming Media project. I was finally done by Tuesday night and spent Wednesday taking pictures. On the day that I decided to go out and have fun the temperature was in the 30's and 4 days before that it was all in the 60's or high 50's. Yeah just my luck. Well after much debate to myself if it was worth going home NOW (wednesday 6pm) or Thursday morning, I decided to go home that night since I had nothing else to do. No more movies to watch and nothing on tv, besides I told Van I would drop by his house party. I drove the 4 hours straight to Van's place. The drove wasn't so bad, it went smoother than I thought. Unfortunately I only stayed for like 45mins at Van's place then I ditched. I was tried, sleepy, and hungry.

Got back to the apt only to find the place empty and COLD. I turned on the tube and just veggied out. Soon after my bro and roomate Jim came home. We chatted for a bit. I think I passed out for a bit. I can barely recall what happened. All I remember is that I stayed up until like 3am.

I didn't really have any plans for Thanksgiving day. It turns out Jim invited me to come with his family to eat at his Frankie's (Jim's Family friend). Drove 1 hour to the boonies, middle of no where. Anyways I should have brought my camera which was what I planned to do in the first place but I totally forgot about it. Frankie's place was pretty nice and isolated. His nearests neighbors were the bears or something. I got 3 big dogs and one FAT cat. Well he also got one baby and married! So I meet his cozy family. Turns out his mom is vietnamese and his father (white), of course now I see the connection to why Frankie is a 'family friend'.

We ate dinner or thanksgivng meal at 3pm. Yeah it didn't bother me I was hungry and the food looked good. I wasn't al that comfortable being at that place even though the people were nice. I guess the fact that this should be family thing and no one in the room was my immediate family. Now to think of it I should have called my dad since haven't spoken to the guy in like 2 months. Something like that I've lost track.

Alright so dinner was over at the Butlers and I wanted to go home. I wanted to veggie out some more and play some Halo. I just didn't feel like sitting around at a stranger's place watching football, which I can careless about. Mostly I was just sleepy and i wanted to pass out. That's what I like to do after a good meal. Eat then sleep, best way to gain weight.

Friday morning Ryan A came back from his parents. I can barely recall what happened. I just remember not showing up to Pam and John's place. It's been like a tradition that my brother and I show up at their place the day after thanksgiving. This year that tradition didn't happend, I think we were avoid someone, nameless here for anonymity, but it was not anyone in the Traub family. Since I didn't get Ryan his B-day present I went to safeway to get some champagne. Then we went to Star Thai to eat. Ryan, Jim, Truong, and I ate there, talked, and enjoyed our meal. The main discussion was about what type of BIG screen TV we should get for Ryan's new place. Since Best Buy was just down the street, we dropped by after dinner and checked it out. Talk about, Black Friday, that place was still packed at 9pm.

Best Buy wasn't much of a disappointment but the champagne I got for Ryan cheered things up. We gave a toast to Ryan's new place, his bday, and better year. Something like that. We then proceeded to watch Star Wars 2. I soon passed out but manage to watch the ending with Yoda kicking some ass.

Saturday Morning, can we say how big is too big, or how expensive is too expensive? Well we ate Pho then went out to check out more Plasma and Projection TVs. Nothing special, went to Tweeters first then went to Circuit City. I was tired and damn lazy. The weather didn't help much since it was raining and cold.

Soon after I thought the hell with this weather I want to beat traffic and get the hell out of town. I want my bed! I packed up and left at 3pm. Got home to my COLD place but I got nice and cozy. Made some PB&J sandwhich, nothing else to eat. My DVDs didn't show up before thanksgiving break as I expected, Poker Industries employees are slackin' since they are very good atexpediting an order. Watch my disappointing movie Full Time Killer. website gave this a very high rating, but the story and writting was pure crap. Bad english and umcomprehensible story line.

Now Sunday, well woke up did some work. I think I got alot done or at least what I wanted to get done. I manage to squeeze in a divx movie 'Joe Somebody' , I personally thought it was a good film. Much better then the Full Time Killer. Now here I am trying to waste time before I pass out. Well goodnight everyone.

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