January 31, 2003


I've spent much of this week trying to figure out what to do with this page. Should I leave it as random? or change the name to blog? I'm kinda too lazy to revamp the whole site again. I'm just trying to find a web host now so that I can create my own blogger system. Again, if I get really lazy I can use Movable Type's blogger program.

This week pretty much flew by and lots of 'random' thoughts been in my head. The few that I remember is my how much I miss my camera. I've been walking around campus trying to figure out what other scenery I can capture. For weeks nothing came to mind until today. Since it snowed, again I actually saw many photo opts but I have no camera at the moment. I also realized that I'm still a student and I see hundreds of people each day but why aren't any of them in my photos? You would think I would provide a student perspective of VT. Unfortunately, it's just VT landmarks and buildings. Don't worry I'm working on people pictures. As MSN photo guide says. There are two type of photographers, the site seeker or the travelers. Site seekers only look at their surroundings, while the traveler include the people, culture, scenery and capture the moment.

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January 28, 2003


Why is it still cold? The air temperature is fine, it's the wind that gets me. I don't have enough fat on me to keep myself warm but then I look fat with all of the clothes that I have on. Actually I want to be fat, well at least weigh a bit more. Anyways I'll be happy when the warm weather comes.

One another note I sent my camera to my bro so there will not be any pictures for a while. Please feel free to look at my archive images. I might just post more random pictures to make up for it.

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January 26, 2003


Well it's been an interesting and fun weekend. Spent most of Friday night playing pool with Richard and Vinh. My pool game is relatively poor. Yes my dreams of being a hustler is nothing but a fantasy. Saturday, again played pool but this time Hau joined us but Richard and Vinh left early. To make this short and circumvent the niddy gritty details. Hau and I went back to my place got one 6 pack of Killian's and pack of Woodpecker. Dina and Pammie showed up and we watched tv, munched and drunk our alcohol. Yay, how interesting is that eh? Well for someone that doesn't do anything doing anything for me is interesting thing. Thus I had fun.

Enough for now since I have reading to do for CS and Gender, interesting stuff I'm reading now. The stuff is easier reading since the authors aren't trying to be all sophisticated and sound super intelligent. I find it to be all BS since they ended up being long winded and verbose about one single idea. They need to lower their noses and get down to reality. What I find amazing is that Computer Science / Programming was initially something geared toward females and females excelled at it too. So what the hell happened right? If it stayed the same I wouldn't have such a hard time meeting women and every geek around would have a date. Oh wait ... it's the geeks that scared away the girls in the first place!

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January 24, 2003


Today must have been the coldest day that I've experience in a while. Right now, the air temperature is 7F and with wind chills -8F. Tomorrow's high will be 22F, and lows around 5 to 10. When the forecast says, "bitterly cold”, they were not wrong. The wind chill was atrocious, each blast was like a blade to my face. By the time, I got inside it felt as if though I was bleeding and I didn't want to go back out there.

Besides the weather, I did my VE presentation on Phobia. Dr.Bowman said I did fairly well but I made one mistake that lost me a point. I thought he would give me the benefit of a doubt b/c I was the second person and I was very nervous. Other than that, the class was really into the subject and they really liked the discussion. Dr.Zoeckline on the other hand was on another spectrum. His spiel on ancient history to get to Guy-Lussac's equation was exhausting and can we say a sleeper? If I had my pillow there, it would have been my best nap EVER. Oh I'm not worried there are plenty more of this type of lecture so plenty more opportunities to snooze. I hope I capitalize on this.

Since I didn't sleep in class and after dinner my fat ass got tired. The next thing I knew I was passing out on the couch at 9pm with Vinh watching TV. I just ended up going up stairs to sleep and Vinh went home. Next thing I knew it's 1:30am and i can't sleep anymore. My stomaching is screaming for food and my body says, "get your lazy ass up". Yeah weird dilemma since I haven't slept well lately. Now time for some food and tv, um yes .

I got the following from Kiad's blog.

"There's two ways to drink tequila.

1.) You lick the salt, then shoot the tequila, then bite the lemon.
2.) Make a line from the salt and snort it, then shoot the tequila, and finally squeeze the lemon in your eye. By doing this, you've messed up your sense of sight, smell, and taste, leaving you to meet people the proper way, through what you hear and feel." - Bartender at the Pink Cow in Harajuku.

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January 22, 2003


Well I've spent most of the morning doing my reading for Virtual Environments and doing the response for it. I have a presentation to do for my paper about Phobia tomorrow for the class so I also have to read two more related papers on the subjects. I think I would have finished by now if it were for my dumbass neighbor who is blasting his music. The bass is shaking my wall and it's giving me a headache. Off to distract myself at the gym... more later...

The gym did not help me with this minor headache problem, too many ppl and too few equipment. It was nauseating; it got to the point where I want to puke. Oh well. It's done and over with. I think it'll probably die down once school work gets overwhelming and laziness kicks in, for the occasional gym goer that is.

Okay I finished reading my papers for VE, wrote to the listserv with my 2 related papers and my list of questions. Let’s see how that goes tomorrow. Hell I wish I had the VE system to help me with my fear of public speaking but I guess I'll get the vivo therapy version of it.

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January 20, 2003


I think I do a piss poor job of blogging any entry into this. I have partially given up, but writing does vent some frustration. My hesitation to write is due to the fact that I lack eloquence to type or portray my thoughts accurately and my English in general is relatively poor (In my opinion, I think other will also concur with this assumption). I've been trying to ameliorate this problem but again my lack of motivation hinders my progress and thus I'm back to where I have started. It has taken me a few days even to write this far since I have been procrastinating my schoolwork and just plain straight up laziness. I will try to put in at least one entry a week for my personal benefit because I like to nostalgically look back at my stupidity and maybe find some humor in it.

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