February 28, 2003

6pence none the richer

I just got back from Sixpence None The Richer concert @ the lyric. It was great! It's unbelievable how great music sounds when it's blasting at you with the bass shaking the chairs. I actually appreciate the songs more and I guess you can say I love it more also!


At first the crowd was pretty quite with the opening band Luce playing. They got the crowd going when they said " you guyz are great! a good crowd tonight". From then on everything was on an up beat note. Luce was pretty good liveand they had crowd interaction with one of their songs. Dina has the cd so i can post some of their stuff later. We gave Luce a standing ovation when they finished. I also got authographs from all of the band members for dina on the CD sleeve and on their poster. Yes it felt weird standing their waiting for them to sign it and having to do small talk!

When Sixpence got on, it was another matter. They thought bburg was great! The lead singer Leigh Nash is a really down to earth and friendly chick. She mentioned she was married when she was talkin on stage, later afterwards I saw the ROCK on her finger when Dina bought me their lastest CD, Divine Discontent. So I got to meet her finally and I really liked her. She's like the nicest chick ever, next to Dina of course!

Of course Sixpence played their "Kiss Me" song, and played lots of of their new album. I'm listening to it now, I think it's better than their previous one. I will try to post some pictures of them and find pictures of the concert since I don't have my camera. I feel bad that I don't have a picture of Leigh and I together! That would have been awesome ... hahaha!

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February 19, 2003


Monday was the first school cancellation that I have ever had during my time here at VT. Usually this school closes for nothing, if the Blacksburg Transit (BT) runs the school runs. The roads are usually cleared pretty fast, but Monday was the exception. I was stuck inside for 3 days so don't know what the road conditions were. I just knew that my neighborhood was frozen in.

Fairfax and the DC area in the other hand got more than just a few flakes, they got around 24" inches of snow! Yes, that's amazing. Blacksburg got a bit of the snow but mainly ice, and lots of it. Almost every tree is covered in ice.

Where are the pictures you ask? I unfortunately have none. Yeah the biggest blizzard since 1996 and my camera is no where to be found. Trust me I tried to get a camera but my car was frozen/iced up and my street was unplowed. I guess I have to make it up in future post. For now, my winter wonderland and Jan Snow will have to do. I will definitely post more pictures when I go back for spring break.

On another note, Kansai Gaidai is a NO go. On to KCP International ... more info on it later. Have to talk to them tomorrow to discuss a few issues before I complete any application and pay them the $350 processing fee.

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo
Duration: Extended Academic Year
Price: ~$16,500+

I hope I'm not making a mistake when I with drew my application from ISEP. There was only two site and both of them don't seem very promising of a site to learn Japanese. From the blogs and reviews that I have read, and yes I do read other ppls blog. Studying abroad is challenging but many of the students are there just for the experience like a vacation. Yes that's fun and all, but is that what studying abroad is all about?

Do I want to throw my money away for 3 months and come back and say I've been there done that and picked up few good Japanese curse words. I am undermining the Academic system there [KGU] a bit and hopefully this is not a flawed judgment on my part. I DON"T KNOW ... just kinda confused

In my personal opinion if I'm going to study something I rather study it with passion and my full effort. Half assing might be a bit harsh but I doubt one semester would do me any good anywhere, even if it's Vietnamese. To cut it short, I'm going the distance and committing myself. Besides I want to get the hell out of this place when war starts and hopefully Japan would be a safer place. J/K.

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February 14, 2003


This is a comerical day created by coporate america to make you spend more money and alienate the single people. Well you know what? The hell with this tradition and being the vain person that I am, I'm going to devote this day to myself.

Yes, I love myeslf! Just like how Narcissus loved his reflection. To the single people out there, no one loves you more than yourself. Go out treat yourself and have fun. Wallowing in your sorrows will not solved anything!

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February 13, 2003


Well today has not been a very good day. The persistent cough that I've been getting got me to me so I finally decided to go to McComas Health Center. Their system of dispensing cold medicine has changed from last year. Like in previous years they ask you to fill out a self-examination sheet, like list the symptoms, temperature, color of throat and tonsils and such. Once the sheet is filled out, you give it to the lady at the window and she throws you medicine in a small brown bag.

This year it’s a bit different however, now the whole process is a bit longer and there is a certified nurse to check over your symptoms once you have completed the self-care sheet. Then she throws you a bag full of medicines. The cough syrup they got me using is really messing with my head and doesn’t last very long. I’m about to cough up a lung here. It's been a horrible day and I have nothing more to say but rest up for the morning.

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February 12, 2003


This is actually not my very very first post but the very first one that I will keep. I finally got a web host, thanks to Nadine & Tim from I don't think they know that I read their blog but this is a plug for them since they provided me with a link of their web host through their site.

I currently do not have my camera so I'll be posting previous pictures that I have from my summer vacation and other misc pictures. Enjoy. I will continue to update the site to make it more dynamic.

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February 08, 2003


It's been a heckit week, but this will be a very busy weekend. I still have to write my paper for CS and gender. I've put some thought into it but far from completing the assignment. Lets see how it goes when I wake up to work on it all day.

I went to Blur II with VD earlier tonight. Things started out well and then went down hill. All in all it wasn't so bad. I got to meet a few ppl I haven't seen in a while. The most interesting part of the night was when I had to remove all of the snow off my car. The temperature was blow freezing so much of the snow was frozen on my car so brushing it off took some time.

Well nothing interesting here. I'm VERY tried and need to get some rest for tomorrow's long long day of writting. As my AIM away messages says, "I find joy and solace in sleep". Thus I will leave it here and bid all a goodnight.

P.S. does not do what I want as a blogger. Great idea for having a template. Gives me a good idea for creating my own blogger to customize my site. So far MovableTypes is the best, too bad I need to find a robust server to run perl, but that's another matter.

Got a job interview on Wednesday, need to prepare for that. Update for it soon when it comes up. First things first, sleep then writing writing and more writing.

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February 04, 2003


I went home for the weekend to chill with my friends. I was only home for one day since I don't know what to do with myself back at home if I had so much free time on my hands. I didn't want to just sit around and watch tv like I did last summer.

Yeah so like I said to everyone for Tet (Vietnamese New Years): Chuc mung nam moi! Mong chuc ban mot nam moi day vui ve va hanh phuc.

So what exactly did I do for my bday? Absolutely NOTHING. I went to dinner with my group of friends at Huong Que or more popularly known as Four Sisters to the Americans. I stuffed my face in as usual and said goodbye to them. It was all very tone downed and BORING. I didn't tell anyone that it was my bday, I just wanted them to come because it was Tet. Spent the rest of the time chillin' with my cousin Thang.

The one thing that kept bothering me all weekend was the damn reading for CS and Gender. There was so much of it and I didn't get a chance to start. I stayed really late on sunday too for some reason, I guess I just wanted to prolong my trip home and doing my school work. I just ended up waking up really early monday morning and force myself to do it. Ahhh yes the sigh of relief, but a short lived one since I have a paper due for it in less than one week and AGAIN I have yet to start. My plan is to work on it tonight, so lets see how that goes. Until then I then it'll be a long long week.

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