March 30, 2003


After a week of nice spring weather we got sucker punched with this late snow fall. I woke up with gloomy skies and 6" inches of snow on the trees. I lounge around of course and debated if I should get up and get some work done or should I sit around and keep warm. I choice the later of course. Somehow I ended up getting up, removed the snow from my car and started taking pictures that I have put off all week long.

It had stop snowing when I was out but the air was still cold. My fingers quickly got numb and the shifting clouds kept the sun constantly covered. The pictures didn't turn out so bad, so I will not complain.

My past weekend as always just flew by with the lingering thought of, what did I do all weekend? I know it was nothing productive. My nagging head whisper to me like an unforgiving aunt to get my work done. It torments me to know that the weeks are waning by and stress piles high but my motivation sinks as the time goes by. I wonder if it's all worth it, is it? I think I'll just let my mind meander its course and see where it'll go when the deadline looms. Then I will see how far I have drifted to, not until then I will find the motivation to pick up the pace and run like hell!

I would like to mention, and if you're reading this Dina J. Happy BirthDay!

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March 24, 2003


US Botanical Garden

Trang's Wedding

Went home for the wedding to attend Trang's Wedding. Since I did not have class on Friday I took that opportunity to go into DC and check out the US Botanic Garden. I haven't been in there for years since they closed it down for renovations. It's amazing how many plants they have there and the plants are really beautiful. Too bad it was a cloudy day so the pictures really didn't turn out well. I didn't take any group pictures but Judy, Thang, and Hau went with me. We met up with my brother after work and we checked out the buttifly exhibit.

indepth of Botanic Garden:

A building dwarfed by the size of its next door neighbor the Capital building. This little jungle of a place has more under its sleeve than any congressmen. Don't let that deter you from visiting it. Underneath its rough exterior holds a place of unimaginable splendor. It's almost like a knock out punch from an underdog that you snobbishly raise your nose at. The place is broken into sections of different climates. Within each, a well display collection of plants and their names. Words will not do this place any justices, and as my main pages indicates, the pictures will tell the story of a million words. Check out the picture and visit it once. I will surely be back and ponder its grandeur.

As for Trang's wedding, it was GREAT! I haven't had fun in a while. It's nice to be able to let loose. It's also nice to see some old friends again. I didn't take that many pictures since I was busy having fun!

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March 14, 2003


It's actually been a warm week, which makes me think. There doesn't seem to be much of a transition between the seasons, even though it's not officially spring yet, the weather just seems to jump. Boom, last week it was in the 30s to 40s, the next thing I know yesterday it was in the 70s. Whatever happend to the slow transition? Hey I'm not complaining! It was great!

I finally got a chance to take some pictures yesterday. It was nice being able to walk around campus and take in the sites and capture moments. Saw lots of students in their summer clothings already. Also saw lots of blooming flowers that are all over campus, along with trees with buds.

I tried to do the same thing today but wasn't the same, it's a bit chilly with the wind and I over did it at the gym on legs day. Now I can hardly walk straight. Oh well, enjoy the pictures!

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March 05, 2003


Well I'm in the middle of my spring break right now, which is nothing like spring or much of a break. Been working at my old internship, PowerScan. The work is fine nothing very challenging or too difficult. The most difficult part is get up in the morning in time for work. I'm still on my school schedule so I tend to sleep late and waking up is a total struggle.

Why am I working you ask? Well the money is decent and I need it! I would prefer lounging around doing nothing but I already do that at school and what's a week of sleepless pain?

There are plenty of things I want to do while I'm here but work takes up most of my time so I don't think I'll be doing any of that. Until then I'm going to try to make the work day go by as fast as possible. So far it's inching by very very slowly and sometimes it just flies by.

Yes I am rambling! Just to pass the time and have something to do. Right now work is slow and I have almost finished what I need to do. I'm a bit lazy too, so I don't feel like doing it. Until then I'm going not to fall asleep and start writing my paper.

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March 01, 2003


Okay here is a picture of Luce

The have a list of great songs, here are just a few of them, in order of my preference: 1) Good Day 2) Long Way Down 3) In The Middle There 4) Sunniest Of Weekend. There have other songs but I don't have the whole cd yet so I exactly say how the other songs are, but the first 2 are great!

The songs from Divine Discontent to listen to are: 1) Breath Your Name 2) Don't Dream It's Over.

I haven't gotten bored of their cd yet; I'll be driving home tomorrow so I'll be listening to it for the 4 hours, along with their previous album, the self title Sixepence None the Richer.

That's enough rambling for now. Spring break has started so I'll be out and about!

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