May 28, 2003


I do have a fishing license for salt water fishing in MD. I can let my guards down when Mr. Police rolls around, even though I have yet to see any in the area. The fishing location is Piney Point which is about an hour or so away from D.C. Not a rather cozy or clean location but the fishes do bite and that's all that matters.

Despite the awful weather that spoils the spring climate, the rain does subside and the sky clears. I'm not too much of a fishermen but it's always been a fun activity pulling in the fighting fishes. Fishing in the dark in the other hand requires extra equipment, a bell and a mini glow stick. It's hard to see the tip of the rod in the dark, hence the glow stick. The bell lets you know if there a fish is actually biting. The current does move the rod around but usually not enough to ring the bell. If the bell rings get ready to yank the pull.

Yeah so you pretty much sit around watch your rod and hope it rings. Pull in your rod every now and then to check to see if you have any bait left. It's the anticipation and the excitement of catching the fish is what makes the sport fun. Croakers don't put up much of a fight and are not that tasty. Hopefully later on in the season Blues and Rocks will come out and give me the one two punch. I will surely bet you that if they bit they're gonna get the one two from me.

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May 22, 2003


Well since I don't have any pictures for the last entry I thought I should post up some of my panoramics that I have been putting off. These pictures are from the botanic garden a while back. Nothing special but I thought they were interesting.

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May 21, 2003


Well I haven't updated in a while and I think it's time I should. Sorry to say I haven't taken any pictures lately. Iíve been running around doing stuff. School has only ended a little more than a week ago. All I have been doing is hanging around with friends, visiting friends, fishing with friends, relaxing, and sleeping.

I spent a few days working on my sub for my car last week and then spent a night fishing. Unfortunately I couldn't get a fishing license so I just sat around and watch the other ppl fish. I didn't mind it too much since the weather was relatively nice and the moon was out.

I spent my weekend in Richmond and most of Sunday organizing my stuff. On Monday I spent most of the day organizing more stuff and checking up on jobs. I also tested out my rusty tennis skills. From what it seems my skills are still in tacked and other are still just as bad. Right after tennis was of course another night of fishing. This time I got a Maryland salt water fishing license so I got my casting on! Also spent the whole day painting my cousin's room. Only did one wall so far since the process of speckling, priming, and painting is relatively new to us. Took it slow to make sure it turns out right. Tomorrow, all three walls are going down. Then after that fishing again! Yeah I should be spending my time looking for a job but so far all of these companies keep saying they will call me back and provide notice if my qualifications fit the position. In the end they disappear and don't answer my phone calls. Well I'm going to keep harassing and it will start again tomorrow. Until then I'm going to get some sleep and maybe take some pictures the next time I go fishing. Definitely taking the tripod since the camera does not function well in the dark.

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May 09, 2003


This made my day even more unbelievable than the weather. I came with no expectations but only to find the place without getting lost. What I saw was mainly just jaw dropping. I knew professors lived in nice places but I couldn't imagine anything. I was thinking more along the lines of MTV cribs, Dr. Hartson's place was no crib. He makes cribs look like a true baby carriage.

Well the event of the day was an informal meeting/picnic of graduate students that have worked for Dr.Hartson, either recently or in the past. I was invited to one last year but it was held later in the year so I was out of time before then. I was glad I came to this one. Sorry this is all I can muster out.

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This will be an up beat note compared to last week's torment. With the weather great as it was there is nothing else to complain about. Woke up just in time to get to the fair and of course like usual I have such a hard time photographing people. I think it's a composition problem. I was also testing out the Nikon 5700. It has a few issues but most of the pictures I took turned out well. It has a much better macro range than the S30. That I really liked, other than that it keeps having problems with the memory card. Well I'll write more once I can think of something clever to say.

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