June 25, 2003


On a spontaneous spur my cousin called me up to go fishing and of course with me having nothing to do I obliged. We got to Piney Point MD just after the sun had set. The water was calm and the mosquitoes came out in mass. I was instantly bitten fives times when I was taking my first picture. The torment was relentless the rest of the night. They swarm around looking for your breath, attacking any exposed skin. The bug repellent was no use. They were still hovering around, flying by your ear or into your ear. They were seriously getting in my face.

The experience was only leverage by that fact that the fish were biting. It kept us on the move and made us a harder target. The propane lantern was also a great help in killing these damn pests. It was a graveyard of them litter all over the lantern. Awww I thought that was a beautiful sight.

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June 23, 2003

Private Pond

There is this pond that is around my area if you can call it a pond. It's just a reservoir that holds run off water. The pond is owned by DSR, one of the few companies that I was hoping to would hire me. Unfortunately they are only laying people off.

As I approach the water side trail the geese instinctively look at me and start trailing my every move. A few were even so bold as to get out of the water and get in my way. They looked at me with their luring eyes. I got really spooked when they started ganging up on me. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as they surrounded me. What am I suppose to do? They could peck my eyes out. There were like 50 Canadian geese and one of me, so I was out numbered. Luckily being the only superior intellect around I just stomp my foot and started chasing them away. To even distract more I threw some bread in the water. Oh I didn't tell you about the bread eh? Yeah that's why they surrounded me. They wanted the bread then my eyes.

The weird thing I saw was that the geese were like a gang, fighting off the smaller ducks. Any duck that were anywhere near a geese were immediately chased away. Talk about bullying. Well soon afterwards when I had finished tossing away my bread I accidentally bumped in to a sign. "Private Pond ... Please DO NOT feed the wildlife". Oh my bad, I made two mistakes while I was there. I did not realize that this was a private pond and you should not feed the wildlife. First of all everyone in the neighborhood goes here and everyone feeds the ducks. Hence I'm not the only fool around here.

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June 22, 2003

Huntley Meadows

The lack of excitement in my life has been reflected in my inability to update my website as frequently as I would like. When there are excitement I have also failed to bring my camera along. So there you have it, after a 10 day hiatus here is the long awaited entry.

All the photos are taken within a day. I went to the largest park here in Fairfax County, Huntley Meadows. Yeah I usually like hanging around parks but with this constant rain it's not a wise thing to be among mosquitoes. Lucky this park has wet land and a trail that leads away from the woods. I came out of this event unscathed, not one bite. Shy and Ha however were not so fortunately. I will be heading back here again soon, since it's such a lovely place. I plan to take my time and come prepared for the damn bugs.

Later on that evening I went to dinner with my bro and his friends, they are very nice people. We went to a hibachi place in MD but I didn't bring my camera in. It would have been some damn good pictures. Afterward we went to Howard's place and played with his pool table. Hence you can see us doing push ups. I did few and eventually lost track. Yeah I'm no good at billiards.

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June 11, 2003

The Pond

Well my brother has been talking about this pond for weeks. He even took my camera out and took some pictures. The pictures turned out pretty well. He somehow thought that I didn't like them and deleted it. In frustration I went around looking for it but only in vain. Now that he has shown me where it is I have taken a few pictures. The Lotus flower however I have yet to take b/c I fail to wake up early enough in the morning to take the picture when they open up.

Plan for tomorrow is to finish off my paperwork for Kansai Gaidai. I really need to get this thing over with so they don't bother me and I can work on my visa. So for once when I go to the Embassy in D.C. I won't look like an idiot asking questions about the visa. I hate coming there unprepared and then they would ask me to leave b/c I don't have all of the necessary documents. Next time I will the right paper work and get there during the right time.

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June 07, 2003

Nick@Nite BUG

Yeah if anyone read the last entry about watching Jeff on Nick@Nite then the following pictures would make sense.

(picture is not all that great, hard to take picture with projection big screen)

They made it difficult because they would show two different bugs per show. Up until 2am, so 4 hours, 2 show per hour, 8 shows in total, equals 16 bugs to watch out for. I kept having to switch back and forth to see if Jeff was on. Every time I changed back to Nick@Nite, I would think "is that JEFF????". Ugh I don't think Jeff has facial hair, "NO! Is that JEFF???". Of course it became obvious, well in my personal opinion, when Jeff was on. The goofy, comical look was overwhelming, as Jeff indicates, "you will know when it's me, there will be no mistake about it". Well there you have it, a little scam from Nick@Nite that made me watch to see who's on the screen. Well I really didn't have anything better to do.

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June 05, 2003


Yeah, so I've been lingering around the house doing nothing. Lounging around can only be so much fun up until it drives you crazy. After a 6 week hiatus from the gym, alright 7 weeks, I've started my normal routine again. The sight of my belly is the motivation that I need to get back into shape. The problem now is that without a partner it's hard to do my normal routine. I can't push myself as hard and then I pu**y out. Yeah call me a wimp but I ain't fat.

Also I have seem to lost the inspiration to write like I did for a while. For those of you who actually have read my blog you would understand. Yeah for some reason I just can't seem to think the same. The words don't flow like they used to. Sorry to say I think the poetic juice as run dry if there was any to begin with. Let's see what happens along the line. Until then I'll be hanging around and stalking the progress of

just a mini plug, watch nick@night on friday night, june 6 from 10pm to 2am. See if you see a dude on your screen on the bottom right. yes the bug, tell me what you think. I doubt anyone will actually responde but it's worth a try. Yeah Jeff you're going to be popular. Now everyone can say I know that DUDE!

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