July 30, 2003

Pond Pond

I usually try to think of something to write on this blog section here. Ideas come to my head while I'm in the planning processing but when it comes down to writing these ideas down. They all disappear and my plans for smooth sailing only seem to hit turbulent waves. I splash about with what once was a cohesive idea but now it's a jigsaw. I would always assume that I'm capable of remembering these things. As you can see it's not so. Over the years my ability to memorize and freeze images in my head has dissipated like raindrops on a sunny day. They all seem like distance memories when in fact they were just thoughts that I conjured up only a few moments before. Are those days of saying "yeah I got it all in my head" over? Do I need to start writing things down? Is this the early stages of being senile or am I becoming a fumbling idiot that can't control his thoughts?

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July 26, 2003

D.C. Tourist for a day

No one seem to have left a comment on the last post. I'm a bit sad but that's okay, the show must go on!

I have spent most of the summer months indoors. I particularly hate the summer months. D.C. summer is not all that pleasant, itís hot and humid. I can stand the heat but the humidity gets to me. It messes with my head and my body can't cope with it.

Now that the humidity has subsided a bit and after visiting the Botanic garden I thought I should drop by again to give D.C. a closer look. I don't have many pictures of the popular buildings so I thought I should go give it a try. Thus I spent the afternoon walking around the National Mall with my friend Hau. I was expecting more tourists fumbling around and blocking traffic. As it so seems everyone was scattered about and I was lucky to even bump into anyone. I took a few pictures for a visitor at the capital and that was all the interaction I would have with any tourist. I was a bit disappointed and dishearten to find that there were fewer visitors than I would have expected. The weather was great and a perfect day to go site seeing. I was just surmising that probably what I called nice weather might have been too humid for visitors. They must have all hid within the air condition buildings.

I thought it was nice but if another opportunity pops up I'll do it again but I'll really take my time and capture more candid pictures.

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July 23, 2003

Titan Arum

Alright so I lied in the last entry knowing full well that I would probably not post up anymore pictures of the convention center. I wasn't very fond of the place since it's so damn HUGE. I don't have any good pictures of the place that encapsulates the scale of the building. I rather leave it at that.

In other news, something of which I should have blogged about but once again my laziness prevails. I got my COE paper last week from Kansai Gaidai. Then last Friday before going back to VT I traverse the maze that is D.C. and submitted my Visa paper work to the embassy. Today I dropped by to pick up my documents. Now I can legally travel to Japan for ONE FULL YEAR. I know there are other paper works that I probably need but who cares I got my VISA.

Since I was already in D.C. and after hearing so much about this stinking plant that only blooms like every 10 to 15 years and smells like ass (pardon my harsh and appropriate language). I decided to drop by. We (John, Pam, and I) approached the botanical building and saw a line leading up to the entrance. The line didn't seem so bad at a distance, we slowly meander around the building then to our horror it stretched down another side of the building. Jokingly we thought this must be a fun roller coaster we're waiting for. I hesitantly mentioned that we should leave. I was not about to waste my time waiting to see a stinking plant! Pam and John thought we should give the line a try to see how fast it was moving. To my pleasant surprise we moved right along.

Once inside, we all knew that it wasn't anything spectacular. The darn plant wasn't fully bloom yet either. However the flower is suppose to be fully bloomed tomorrow. That's when you really smell it. Well I'll just leave it at that and maybe I'll have more pictures of D.C. if the weather is as nice as it was today.

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July 16, 2003


I hope everyone was able to hold their anticipation for my next post. It has been a really hectic and busy few weeks for me. After a month of idle time things start steaming and I run out of time for myself. What was I so busy doing?

Lets start by saying I spent long hours at the D.C. Convention Center. This place is HUGE, spanning 4 blocks! I was busy doing my job and was fortunately able to sneak in some camera time. Most of them are not from the convention but I'll save that for the next post. It'll make things more interesting and I can stretch things out.

I'm also anticipating on purchasing a new camera. Why the sudden urge for something new and better? When working at the convention center, I was working in the same room as the professional photographers. Their photos were amazing, crisp, clear, and plainly beautiful! Then I saw why, they were using very expensive equipment. These were not plastic toys, they were professional digital SLR cameras, all Nikon with crazy lenses. Their equipment can easy be sold for a luxury car. So now I'm thinking to myself, hey I have the basic skills maybe better equipment will do that much more for me. Well let's see. Keep posted since now I'm on the search for an SLR! Watch out!

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July 13, 2003

Busy Bee

I haven't been slacking lately I have just been busy very busy. Running around doing some work at the D.C. Convention Center. I have a few photos and a few things to mention about it once I have more time. Until then you'll have to hold in your excitment. I hope that anticipation doesn't kill you but I'll be busy for another day. Check back again!

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July 07, 2003

Le Dinh Hon

Well I wouldn't say that my first gig as a photographer turned out well at all. As previously noted that I'm by no means a professional, this is more like a hobby. Like any good photographer it's all about the lighting, it can either make or break the picture. My circumstance however I was pitted with horrible lighting, indoor with the shades down. Most digi cams have a hard time capturing indoor images accurately. The subject is either moving too much or out of focus. If I use the flash the subject is either bleached out or is discolored. It's almost a loosing battle.

The focusing on my camera was slow so I missed quite a few good photo opts. The ones that I did get turned out either too dark or blurry, again a loosing battle. So after like ~200 exposures only a small handful actually made the cut. I gave a few as samples in my collection. Now I know what to expect from the next one I go to.

If you want to see what real quality wedding pictures or engagement pictures should look like please visit Hunkabutta. This site has been my inspiration to take pictures, learn the Japanese language, and even visit Japan.

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July 05, 2003

July 4th

Well I've been trying to update regularly but as you can see it isn't happening. I feel it's not my personal fault. It's the weather! I can't deal with hot weather! It's the combination of hot and humid that really gets to me. It goes under my skin, makes me sticky and sweaty. I can cope with the cold since I can always put more layers of clothing. Summer weather however I can only take so many clothes off. Hmm does a nudist colony sound good about now?

Well I'll just leave it to you to ponder until then I'm trying to keep cool. Hopefully I can find something to post about until this heat and humidity goes a way for a bit. Have fun looking at the fireworks pictures since there isn't much to them.

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