August 31, 2003

Long days

The past few days I've been trying to organize my pictures. I can't set the time on my camera since one of the button is broken so my camera is 13 hours behind Japan time. Thus the images are all over the place. The time on my computer is also all messed up too. It always boots up with 11:54am Dec ... 1988. Yeah so here it is, have fun with the images.

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August 30, 2003

Hirakata & Seminar

Well the week of orientation is over. Classes will start within a few days. My placement for my Japanese class is lower than I expected. I know I was only a few points away from the next level up but I think it might be for the best??? Who knows! I just know that I can't seem to remember the 100 Kanji that they want me to know.

As for the pictures I have pretty much lost all sense of time and most of the pictures are erratic. There is no particular pattern to them. I snap at the things I like and now I'm spending most of my time trying to organizing them so that they fall in an appropriate category to ramble about.

I've spent a few days biking around and taking pictures. I've also spent a lot of time with the other student. I will try to post more pictures of them as the semester progresses. Until then check back again for more pictures.

really sleepy right now.

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August 29, 2003

Around Town

Back in the states having a car is essential tool to get around. Here in Hirakata-shi however a bike is a must! It's the only way to get around. It also expedites the exploring process. Walking around town is also not leisure activity with the sun beating down and the humidity lingering around to make you bath in your own sweat. Now I know why I preferred not to leave my room back in Virginia.

It has only been a week here in Japan but I have pretty much lost all sense of time. Everyday has been full of activities and I can barely find time for myself. I get tired really early in the evening and when I wake up I just hope it's not 3am. Otherwise things are going well. I have lots more pictures to post. I encourage readers to post their questions so I can help answer their interests!

To answer a few comments Mr. Arshad posted: No I will not order any poopoo platter or cream of sumyungai, and yes I will watch out for perverted bastards!

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August 24, 2003

Jet Lag in Kansai Gaidai

Well it's only been two days since I've been here. The official orientation just started today. I still do not have internet access for my laptop yet until then all of my offical daily post will be delayed. Till then check back to see what's going on from my living arrangements to what suburan Nippon looks like.

-- this is an update to the previous post --

Well things have been very hectic the past few days. I still have yet to recover from jet lag. I can barely eat and sleep. However, things are still fun and interesting. Within this entry I have pictures of my departure and the things I did within the first few days.

Departing for Japan was an interesting experience. I did not know what to expect knowing full well that my Japanese is still very poor. Managing to survive the ~ 13 hour flight was a feat in itself. The realization that I was in Japan once I landed in Osaka was a bit frightening. Everyone looked different and felt different. I didn't take any pictures of the airport of the welcoming crew that happened to be there. Made things easier for us. There is plenty more to say but I must move on to better things.

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August 21, 2003

Preparing for Japan

I actually have quite a few pictures to post up. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I don't know where my time goes, it just disappears as I fumble around. I'm usually running around doing some dumb errands that takes forever or get stuck doing something mundane which unexpectedly is taking longer than it should. Stupid things like that.

Now however I'm contemplating my travels to Japan and studying at Kansai Gaidai. This should be a very interesting experience. I’m just shocked by the fact that I’m actually pulling through with it. I also have to drift down to reality and let myself know that I also have a degree I need to finish up. Fun now but MUST study later and get it over with. After that I can stay in Japan as long as I like. I just need to get this school business over with. Until then I will start planning my travel and packing my stuff. Check back again for my adventures in Japan!

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August 12, 2003

Walney Pond

After numerous trips to the pond and dozen of pictures later I finally have the images that I want. The flowers would only bloom during the early morning and close during noon time. For the first half of the summer I was unable to wake up any earlier than noon. Now waking up by 10am is a daily occurrence and also with the help of my bro who notified me that the lotus were in bloom.

The pond is located on Ellanor C. Lawrence Park right next to a pretty busy road, Walney Road! I haven't explored the whole park and there are numerous trails that lead deep into the woods. I haven't lingered around long enough to enjoy the view. I don't want to be a buffet for mosquitoes.

Maybe later on this week I can go back to Huntely Meadows and explore that place some more. I wish it wasn't so damn far. If I get lazy I can go to Hidden Pond in Springfield. Now that I think of it if I had planned my summer, yah right, I could have visited most of the GOOD parks in Fairfax county, since there aren't many of those. I think it's kinda too late for that now.

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August 11, 2003


This whole summer has been an idle time for me. There have been my highs and there have been my lows. More lows then anything else. This weekend however has been my high. Why you ask? Anything is considered a high when you're busy rushing around constantly being stimulated, also added by the fact that I have enough pictures to last me another few post. Thus until then I will leave this entry as it is for now until I'm fully awake tomorrow.

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