September 28, 2003

On The Move!

I've been lazy lately posting up things on this site. I just don't see anyone posting any comments so I don't see any motivation on promptly posting more stuff. Now that someone has encouraged me to post more stuff I doing just that.

I have lots of pictures that I want to post but I have chosen to limit them and show only the decent ones. The two albums above are from my constant travels around the Osaka area from this past week. The first is from Nara.

Nara is a great place with lots of historic and scenic landscape. The most scenic of the whole area is the Todaiji temple with the Daibatsu. The Todaiji itself is massive, towering over everything around the area. The Daibatsu Buddha is remarkable with itís immense size. I thought another interesting and more culturally different are the deers at the deer park. They would walk up to you and bow, yes bow! They stand next to you and move their head down and raise them. They'll do that a couple of times and then you give them these waffles that you buy for 150Yen. It was fun at first but then these deers would swarm you for some more waffles and then start to head butt you if you donít give them any. Head butting is not the problem, the problem was that they stink. They smell really bad and reek of something and Iím sure it was not deer. I think I'll be back later on next month when the leaves start to change color.

The other excursion was Asuka, it was a school field trip for my Japanese Art class. The area is littered with rice paddies and single family homes. This is another historic region with imperial burial grounds and ancient temples. We visited one of the oldest temples in Japan with the oldest sculpture of Buddha in Japan. I'm not sure if I would come back to this place since it's a ways off. It costs about $16 round trip and 2.5 hours commute one direction on the train. This does not include bike rental, food, and entrance fees for some areas. If I was staying here for a longer period of time then I think it'll be a place that I will visit again. It's a very beautiful place but there are plenty of other beautiful sites to visit in Japan!

Until then have fun looking at my pictures and let me know what you think.

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September 20, 2003

Slow Weekend

Well this past weekend has been rather slow since the weather has been kind of gloomy. I thought the one of the interesting highlights from the weekend was I finally gave into the cell phone madness. Yes I finally went out and bought a cell phone. There really wasn't much of a debate about it. I got the bilingual phone with color and I can snap away with pictures. Compared to the other snazzy Japanese phones it's rather plain but this phone will beat any cell phone back in the states. The only kicker was that I had to sign a contract but in the end I got the phone for free. Good deal? Not sure ...

Another point that I thought I should mention is that it cost so much to make a phone call here but absolutely nothing to send an email. It's the total opposite in the states. I can chat away all night until my battery runs out but pay a bundle on emails. Now I can barely say three words without getting charged 10Yen per call and some x amount per minute. That's why incoming calls here are free however, a slight balance but not by much.

Besides getting a keitai I was also told to absorb Japanese culture at it's fullest. By that they mean visit a Karaoke place. Therefore I thought I should tag along with a few friends to the kool Karaoke place with nomi hoodai! All you can drink for two hours and sing your heart away. We had some great singers in my group so that made it a lot more interesting event. The place was totally crowded and when it came to the all you can drink there wasn't much of it. We basically got about 1 drink an hour when it should have been one drink every 5 minutes for two hours. We all walked out bewildered and slightly disappointed that we all can stand in a straight line. The beauty of Japan is that there is no public drunkenness law. We can drink and sleep on the streets if we wanted and no one was going to stop us. None of that happened.

Early the next morning the clouds thicken and the rain came pouring in. The plan for the day was to head out to Osakaís Denden Town to check out some electronic. I've only been to Osaka one other time during the first week here in Japan. That time too the weather was bad and rained for most the day. Again the second time I intended to see Osaka for all of its glory the clouds came striking down at my beautiful idea. My glorious day wasn't ruined since I got to see what the area was all about. It noisier and not as nice as I thought. The highlight was eating sushi off the conveyer belt. I will post some pictures of this place. That was some great sushi; a bit pricy but worth it. Now I just have to find an all you can eat sushi, tabe hoodai kaiten sushi, which also happens to be near Osaka's Denden town. Yes the hunt is on!

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September 16, 2003


It's been crazy here in the Kansai area. The Tigers won, people jumping into the river, Cornel Sanders outfitted with Tiger gear, massive sales. Other than that I've busy running around checking out different events. I'm not taking as many pictures however. I'm just not in my room as much anymore since classes are taking up a lot of my time. I have lots of photos from last week that I need to post too. I honestly don't know what to type here; initially I had an idea blogging about the fun and crazy things that happen here in Hirakata-shi. Unfortunately I can't remember a thing and thought I should fill this absent void with at least something constructive.

The above is the festival for Respect of Ages Holiday. I did not go to the massive Osaka Danjiri festival but to Yawatashi festival that was more traditional and laid bad. The place is great but traveling around this area is expensive. I also visited Kyoto again during the daylight to see what the city is all about. It seems so much more laid back than Osaka so I'm going there again. Let me know if you got any questions!

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September 06, 2003

No ethernet

The network has been down for the past couple of days because the blaster virus is really affecting the network here. I no longer have an ethernet connection in my room so posting pictures will be delayed for a bit.

I really haven't done much lately since school is officiall in session for me. I've been occupied with going to class and doing my homework for the most part. The Japanese school year will not officially start for another two weeks. Until then things will be slow. Hopefully I'll have pictures of what campus is like with 10,000 students in a small area. I heard it's like a zoo hear. I'm also afraid that I won't be able to find my bike among thousands and thousands of bikes. Lets see what happens then. Keep posted!

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