January 24, 2004

School 学校

I have just finished my first week of classes. They went by and letís just leave it at that. I painfully started my week waking up in the cold room but now things are getting better with my new heater.

To lighten the mood and provide a good note I will share the good part of the week. I visited the study abroad coordinate and gave him his gift. He liked his Kansai Gaida T-shirt and then I also provided him with the handbook that KG gave to students. The handout is unbelievable useful since it provides everything we need from academic information to travel maps and directions.

I also visited my Japanese professor, Younos sensei. I was very happy to see her and I was surprised to be able to understand a lot of the things she said in Japanese. Much of our conversation was in Japanese and I was able to use what Iíve learnt. She commented on how good my Japanese is but I still disagree. I still think it's no good. I also gave Younos sensei her gift that Reiko picked out for me. I wanted to buy a gift that was memorable and not touristy, something a Japanese professor would appreciate. We thought and thought while walking the streets of Kyoto on Sanjo dori during my last week in Japan. Reiko came up with the idea of buying tea. I thought tea?! But Reiko further persuaded me by saying that Kyoto was famous for it's tea, which was the clincher and I thought it was a great idea! At that moment I was the happiest camper to have a friend like Reiko tagging along to help me out. I've already spent months pondering what I should bring back to the one person that made this whole trip possible but in a moments time Reiko remove all of that anxiety. Younos sensei was the one person that actually made one of my dreams came true. There is no way I can thank her enough for it! Tea was the best I could do. Younos sensei liked it very much.

Below is email she sent me for all to read if you are interested. I do not have it translated yet but with the help of Reiko it will be done soon. Enjoy!

Thy さん
今日は、ひさしぶりで Thyさんに会い、日本の話ができて、たのしかったです。日本語が上手になりました。日本の生活(せいかつ)がたのしくてよかったですね。

I also went and visited the クラブ日本 Kurabu Nippon. They are a fun and interesting group of people. I went to their weekly friday dinner and watch Big Fish at the New River valley. It was a cozy night that I enjoyed. No pictures however maybe next time.

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January 19, 2004

first day of class

Today is the first day of class. I still have some extra time before my first class of the day begins so I thought I should fill up my boring blog.

I don't feel that it should be necessary for me to further fill these pages with bitterness and anguish. I should just fill it with the happy things to makes reading this a lot more enjoyable. Who wants to read my problems? I know I don't. So there you have it ... more rambling from me ... but on a lighter and brighter note. What do you think?

Oh btw Ö I will spending a lot of my time within the next few days scanning in my film pictures so I can post them on here. Itíll keep me busy for a while and more pictures for me to post. Well at least thatís the plan anyways. I might get distracted really quick.


The above pictures are form my Woga camera, medium formate film. It was alot of fun to use and takes great pictures. I have plenty more to post so check back.

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January 16, 2004


I'm back in the hole, blacksburg, Viringia Tech! I find this place to be rat infested with people who stick their noses up at one another, mostly refering to the professors. There are plenty of nice cuddlable rats but not enough for me to like this place. Used to love it but now that all of my good friends are gone, I find this place to be rotten.

I've moved into an empty house with no residence currently there yet. I have no ethernet but do have television. The place is cold and very quiet except when the roof shakes from the wind.

I'm hanging around by myself and waiting until class starts. Mostly Iím trying to occupy myself with activities that will distract me.

Next week I will try to scan in my film pictures and finish off my scrap book. Then I will digitized the book for all to see. Until then I'm back in the hole to waste more time.

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January 03, 2004

Friends 友達

I've been corresponding with friends that I've met from Japan through email. Most of them are in their respective country. We all miss the fun we had and the bonds that we've created so it's been tough saying goodbye. I'm glad however that we're keeping in touch.

I'm in the process of making a book with all the members of Japan Camp that I've met. The booklet will have a picture and that person's handwritten contact information. I will have to digitize it once I have access to a scanner, most likely back at school to keep myself busy.

All of this makes me think about the things I miss about Japan.

I miss being able to freely ride my bike on the streets without worry about getting killed.

Miss sleeping on my futon with the smell of tatami filling the room.

Miss walking around on the beautiful Kansai Gaidai campus.

Miss taking pictures of everything I see.

Miss every Japanese person I saw on campus.

I miss being able to chat in Japanese with my friends.

Mostly I miss being able to act like a tourist. Since everything is always new and strange. Everyday is a learning experience and everyday I realize my Japanese is inept to truly survive Japan by myself.

Until then enjoy the few pictures I have. More pictures to come later on.

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