February 27, 2004


225 is my magic number. I've been trying to reach this goal for over a year now. Today I finally did it. After 6 weeks of intensive training and endless sore mucles I put the plates on the bar and pushed it off my chest like butter! Now I just have to keep it up. Okay a little pat on my back. So moni where is my box of band aids?

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weekend しゅまつ

The weekend is almost upon me again. Unlike the previous weekends I do plan to get some work done but at the same time I do plan to make use of myself. In the previous weekends once I get home from the gym on Friday I don't leave the house again until Monday afternoon for class. I don't think that's healthy for me and I should really leave the house.

Until then I plan to do a few post about Japanese stuff. What better than to write about one of the few things I'm constantly been thinking about? Japan! It will help me bring back some nostalgic memories of the good times I had. I can also do what typical blogs do, reuse and redirect information and not really formatively create new information based on sound research.

Look for more Japan pictures that I have stored away. There are over 3 thousand images for me to go through. There are plenty of good ones left. Lately however I'm just waiting for good weather so I can play with the Woga again since the images from it are great. I still have not finish the 24 exposure for the lomo yet. Need to do it and see how the photos come out. If they are good it's a cheaper alternative than the Woga. At $5 a roll of film for 12 exposures, $5 developing, 0.50 cent per print, the grand total is $16 without tax on just developing one roll of film. In Japan it would cost me $18 and this does not include the $8 round trip train ride to Kyoto and back. I did it 6 times so it got expensive. All of this would be so much cheaper if I know how to truly manipulate digital images to provide the soft focus center metering effect or more precisely Woga medium film format print style in Photoshop. I havenít really seen it done before but I have seen good imitations but nothing can beat the real thing.

I will write why Iím starting to prefer this new medium. This is just a note to myself so that I know what future topics to write about and not blog about my boring ass life.

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February 19, 2004

Keitai けいたい

I thought everyone should take a look at this WashingtonPost article about Japanese cell phones. It's true that the American cell phones are inferior to Japaneseís keitai so this will give you something to look forward to.

Japanese Cell Phones

I still have the cell phone from Japan but of course I don't have service for it. It is compatible with Verizon's network but Iím not actually sure if it will work. I would be using it but I currently have a contract with AT&T and I cannot break it unless I throw $150 at them. Another 5 more months before the contract is over.

Well have fun reading the article since it will provide you a feel of what the Japanese use the cell phone is for and how ubiquitous it is.

I will post more pictures when I have a chance. Most likely it will be a digital copy of my scrap book.

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February 14, 2004

Bitter 苦い

So another year has gone by and here I am writing another entry for Valentines Day. I would rather call it bitter or not so sweet day. Again like the many years before I will dedicate this day to myself. Vain as it may be who loves me more than me right? Otherwise I have nothing much to say.

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February 07, 2004


This is the translation of the note from Younos sensei. I wasn't able to completely translate it all so wih the help of Reiko here it is.

Thy さん
今日は、ひさしぶりに Thyさんに会い、日本の話ができて、たのしかったです。
It was fun that I met you and could talk about Japan with you.

your Japanese become better. it was good that your life in Japan was fun.

Thank you for bringing a suvenier for me.

I'm very happy that it is Japanese tea in the beautiful can.

I like Japanese tea very much, so I'll enjoy drinking it.

If you want to talk in Japanese, please come to my office.

Other then this, I really don't have much to say. I don't want to bore the reader to death as I'm already dull as it is! I've been trying to figure out to write here but usually it's of no consequence to anyone and is only interesting to me. Mainly I've been thinking how much the public transportation system sucks here. I've been driving around in the snow, icy, sleet, and fog, yeah crappy weather, only to get drive 0.75 miles. I usually bike that distance to Kansai Gaidai from the dorm. Here I don't even think about hopping on a bike unless I have a death wish. Yeah so there you have it my high moment about the crappy weather. I'm just waiting for better weather and then you'll find me complaining about something else. Until then leave a comment ne!

The pictures I have are the last of my woga/holga set. This just means that I will have to start taking more pictures or spend some time digitalizing my scrap book. I have my lomo and it all loaded and ready to go. Maybe I will get around to it later this week. Talk about lazy and unmotivated.

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February 01, 2004


Happy birthday to myself! おたんじょうび おめでとう!

I went home for the weekend for my birthday like I did last year. This year is low key and I did not do much. I mostly spent my time with the family. This is the first year that I can remember that I've found Fairfax more like home than ever. I always loved being in Blacksburg and having a room of my own, but now that I have my own room at Ryan's place the house has gotten to be very comfortable. I can spend endless hours engrossed with the television or we can play pool. If not doing either of those I would be found reading. I'm starting to enjoy having to do nothing and not worry about anything. Being stress free is such a nice feeling.

Until I go back to Fairfax I still got school to worry about. Now I must do some work for tomorrow. I shall have more stuff on this blog when I get more time. I still have pictures from Japan to post.

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