March 29, 2004


I'm thinking of revamping my photo gallery since I have too many images and now it's time to filter to only the decent ones again. Of course the revamp image gallery will definitely not accommodate to modem connection. Until then like usual here are a few mismatch photos from Japan.

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March 26, 2004

nice weather


The weather has been really nice the past few days. That's why I love spring so much. Flowers are blossoming and the scenery is getting greener. Too bad we had a snow shower last Monday so it killed most of the buds on the trees so this year's flowers were not as nice as last year. If you want to see the previous year's flowers look at my archive.

For now I still have a few more exposures from the Woga to finish before I can get them to developed. I do however have a few images to post up that I keep putting off. They are from Feb 29th, 2004. What I did on leap day. I would like to summarize and say I did absolutely nothing but programmed for 12 hours straight. Hence you see how dull and boring the pictures are. This is what a life of a CS graduate student is like. Constantly busy constantly behind!

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March 23, 2004

More Keitai けいたい

I don't like lamenting over bad eggs or whatever you call it but after wasting so much money on At&t and getting nothing but bad service from them I switched back to Suncom. Now I'm happier and have learnt a lesson.

Why did I switch you asked? Well what would you think if I said, National Plan. Call anywhere in the U.S. Okay, makes sense so far right? However, after a HUGE phone bill that summed up to more than one yearís worth of cell phone charge in just 2 weeks. The realization that calling anywhere does not mean from anywhere! The name was misleading and the fine prints too small. This was no nation wide plan, calling anywhere does not mean from any location, only from restricted location.

Well to keep it short I got shafted and hated myself for a few days. The only thing that helped me was the Cingular commercial about roaming charges. The commentator noted how nation wide is not nation wide and locations in the US where he got slammed with roaming charges. Also I tried disputing the charges but they donít remove charges for stupidity. They make $$$ from fools like me.


The pictures for today are from my lomo-lca. I was initially disappointed with the outcome with the pictures. They were so dull and boring, the prints were also wacky. At first I thought the view finder was bad and my composition was poor. As it turns out print 3x5 crops the images and I think the local photographerís machine was not calibrated well. Either way it still comes down to the fact that the lomo failed to pick up colors that the Hogal would have picked up.

Scanning in the images made a different and you get to see more of what a lomo is capable off. But why is the colors so dull?

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March 19, 2004


I've had two great roommates during my years in school. Khoi was my best roommate during my undergrad years. He always kept the room clean and always gave me the space I needed. Of course as the semester progressed and the stress level builds there are always little things that tick me off. I never really confronted Khoi about it since it would be vain on my part. He was always willing to give into my requests and I don't want to be selfish in my actions. I did however wish that Khoi didn't play so much computer game during the times when I was studying or trying to do work. Khoi was a true gamer, he would play some games for 24 hours straight and then sleep the next 20 hours. His girlfriend of many years, Thuy, didn't like it but she couldn't persuaded him of not doing otherwise. I lived with Khoi for 2 years. Now I miss the poor guy.

Chad is my other good roommate. While at Kansai Gaidai, there is a roommate request form and you fill in your personal qualities and qualities that you want exhibited in a roommate. I put down I was clean, quiet, clean, organized, and clean. When they matched me up with Chad I didn't realized at first that how prefect of a match it was. We were the same age, we kept things clean and organized. I however kept to my usual pattern of getting messier as the semester progressed. I spent less time in my room and stayed up later. For a while the only thing that ticked me off about Chad was that he went to bed early, as in before midnight. Sometimes at 10pm. That would frustrate me a few times b/c I would have to keep quiet. Also since Chad is so clean to the point of being anal, sorry Chad you know it's true, that it takes him forever to do anything. Everything has its place and there are orders to doing things. He kept me waiting many times and I get so impatient when I have to wait ... wait Ö and wait. I get antsy b/c who likes waiting when they are already on their bike. I can't keep still while on my bike! When not in school we spent what I called quality roommate time together, during our excursions to Kyoto or other parts of town.

That's one thing about living with me. You got to be clean and if you're not I start bitching. I don't like living in a mess. Also when living together expect me to want to have what I call "roommate" time. Getting to know the people you live with is a good thing if you don't know them from before. Who wants to live with a stranger? It makes for a more casual and comfortable living. I donít to say, ďYeah that dude is my roommate. I donít know jack about him.Ē

So there you have it, my two good roommates thus far. This semester so far my roommates are a lot better than my first year at graduate school. They keep things clean and they actually talk to me. No more stranger roommates. It's nice to have good roommates.

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March 10, 2004

KG 関西外大

In lieu of the sad news that I have received from Japan I thought I should put a post about how much I loved living in the Seminar House. I also want to provide more information about Kansai Gaidai University 関西外国語大学.

As an international student Kansai Gaidai provided everything I needed to live in the dorm. The room they provided for us was a 6 tatami mat room. The mats are 3x6 in size each and covered the whole room except for our studying area where our desk our. There is a screen door that separates our sleeping area with our studying area. It just helps when I stay up late and Chad wants to sleep early which he often does. I can easily make the arrangement and close the screen and still have my light on. He's happy and then I'm happy.

In the other side of the room we have our closet with shelves which I found not very useful. It was mainly designed to put our futon at the bottom and our pillows and such on the top. Being students and partially lazy I personally saw NO ONE and I mean NO ONE actually putting away their futon like they should after each use in the morning. We all like lounging around on our futon and I myself just donít see the point of putting it away and dragging it back out again. Chad and I just straight out the comforter when we wake up to make it look neat but other than that we leave it as is. Thus in the closet instead of putting my futon on the bottom shelf I just leave my luggage in there. The closet also provides space for hanging a few articles of clothing and really deep shelves to put your stuff in. I tried to keep it clean and organized but things always get into disarray and I start to misplace stuff. Chad however was able to always keep his closet organized. He even folds his dirty clothes when I just usually just toss them aimlessly on the bottom shelf. It was just amazing how neat Chad was.

Just thought that I should note that the school provides clean sheet service. every 10 days. Otousan or Okaasan put out the clean sheets for our futon, comforter and pillow out for all of us. We just dump our dirty sheets in a corner and pick up new ones. How sweet is that right?! Even then some ppl still fail to replace their sheets ...

Well as for my desk. Like any normal desk I just shoved stuff in there and tend to forget that I had it. I had no systems of where to organized stuff except the second from the top drawer on the right was reserved for Japanese souvenirs ONLY. I have seen a few desks layered with junk and a few girls even use it as their clothing drawers since our closet provide such a poor alternative. The shelves on top of the desk were only used to layer more junk on there. I only had 2 books which I constantly used so I rarely even put them on the shelf. Being short and all I only mainly used the bottom since reaching the top was a bit difficult. Each desk also has an Ethernet jack on the wall. Itís a good convenience for those of us with laptops and not having to use the computer lab.

So there you have it, a rather detailed view of my room. Shall I type more about our other accommodations or should I save that for another time? I think I should save it for another time. I can see you starting to loose interest.

Have fun with the images and leave comments!

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March 07, 2004

Spring Break 春休み

It's spring break right now. I'm just lounging around and being lazy. Starting tomorrow (monday) I will have to start studying and finish up a project due next monday.

That is all for now.

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