April 30, 2004

Nice Spring Weather!

The weather has been really nice lately. Cool dry weather, my favorite condition. It's been so nice that I even been walking the ĺ mile to class these past few days. I thought about biking but the roads here are not very conducive to biking even though Tomís Creek does have a bike lane. I however do not trust the college drivers racing by me at 40MPH on a residential street with me only 2 feet separating me and soon to be me on the pavement.

The semester is about to be over. I'm ready for classes to be over with. It's been a roller coaster semester. I had my high and low points but I'm glad it's all over with. My load for next semester is even going to be heavier. 12 graduate credits and 3 undergraduate credits as suppose to the 6 credits I'm taking now. I'm hoping these classes will be interesting for me to keep my sanity. Otherwise it's going to be a rough 14 weeks. But after those 14 weeks, school is over. Thatís right OVER. Iíll be freeeeeeeeee.

For now I'm just going to try to have fun at the wine tasting I'm going to today. Then dunno what for the weekend but maybe finish my book, わがはいは猫である, "I am a Cat". Itís an interesting book to read, the human world through the eyes of a house cat. Some parts of it I tend to skip b/c itís almost like reading JRR Tokenís book LORT. They just yap about stuff, I need the plot, plot dammit!

oh yeah, Brice is a lousy roommate and he loves the Green Bug girl. oh don't worry Brice I love her too, I just didn't have the balls to yelled it out in public in front of her apartment.

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April 20, 2004

Woga woga

Well the woga medium format film finally came back after two weeks of processing from Ritz camera. Only half of the pictures turned out well. Most of the time I forgot to set the focus correctly. The ones that I did set correctly turned out very very nice. The scan of the images did not come out well so it's not overly obvious that the image is vivid with colors. The image size is actually larger now. Let me know if this helps with your viewing pleasure! ha!

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April 17, 2004


I'm currently in Richmond checking out Hau's new pad. Nice place. While I've been spending my time doing some school work and browsing The Japan Times, once again there are a few good articles I would like to touch on.

Lost in Translation, in my personal opinion a very good movie. It has a lot of subtleness like that of Beat Takeshi. As the, Lost in Translation Japan Times review article notes "It's never about what a man and a woman say to each other, but the space they manage to create for themselves". It makes me think that we can be more articulate by saying very little. My suggestion is to watch the movie and make your own opinion. Theyíre a few notable notes that should be mentioned. There has been much discussion about the films from the Japanese point of view, where there are jokes that do tend to mock and not accurately portray the Japanese culture. Thus view the film with some light hardness and not be discerning with the flaws that exist. The point is to understand that weirdness that exists around and there are always comforts around. Watch it, itís a great film!

Read this other article, Losers, winners in contemporary Japan, about how there are society pressures for women to marry young and start a family. See how women who do not are labled and other facts involved.

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April 13, 2004

sad news?

I think it's just me but I like dwelling on bad news. I have a whole list of bad news I can ramble about. But who wants to read my troubles or hear me rant about troubles in the world. You probably get enough of it in your daily life and hear it all on television. What you read here will just be recycled information and your list of deja vu continues.

Well I should at least mention one bad news, well to me itís bad news. I sent in my medium format film to Ritz Camera last week but it will take 14 to 16 days to process. I will not get it back until around April 20th, so not for another week. I sure hope it comes out well considering I was using expired film and the storage of the film was atrocious. Otherwise I would have wasted hefty amount of time and money. But if it all turns out well then it's time and money well spent! I'm just crossing my fingers, you should too!

Once again I'm sorry I have no pictures. All of my cameras are sitting on my desk staring at me. The digi cam has been sitting idle for some time. For some reason it has lost its usefulness or am I just jaded by the things around me and found nothing visual inspiring. Well lets see what happens the weather gets warmer. I might take the Lomo lc-a out for another spin and then use the digi cam to back it up and have some visual comparison.

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April 07, 2004


Well there are a few things I thought I should mention in this post. Due to my excess amount of free time and never ending boredom I've been reading the Japan Times Online recently. Most recently I was confronted with the term Otaku, I've seen it used before but never actually quite understood what it means. With the help of my half Japanese friend Duy he pointed out it and I easily identified what it meant.

So what it is it? In my own words, Otaku, when used here in the U.S. which is slightly different than that of the Japanese version, are people that love Manga. They are the guys that buy Japanese goods, the T-shirts that are written in Kanji that says "I want a Japanese girlfriend". You will hear them talk endlessly about their favorite Anime and even blurb out Nihongo (Japanese) and they can be easily found in your Japanese class. Well you might say you buy anime books, watch anime movies, and love the Japanese culture but are you obsess with it? Do you live and breathe it? Do you not eat and not splurge on hygiene goods so that can spend that money on the lastest copy of Crayon Shinchan? Albeit I might be exaggerating it but the gist of it is that it's more than just a hobby but it has become the way you live your life. The Japan Online Times on Otaku might give you different views of it. Some Japanese Otakus have become very famous and their influences can be felt around the world. Read the article and see for yourself if you can identify with the term Otaku and pick these traits out. I thought I should warn you, they (Otakus) tend to cluster in the CS department. As a disclaimer I don't think it's a bad thing, that being the word Otaku and CS majors clustering together.

I thought this was a great quote from mandarake's website:
"When I was 8 years old, I became an otaku. Since then, my boyfriends have always been 2 dimensional. Now I am 29 years old, and looking for someone decent and 3 dimensional. Seig Zion!"-Yoshimi Takasu

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Well if anyone has read the things I've written within the last year about how much I hate grad school and how I've come to dislike VT. Yesterday I was given the proof of why VT has gone down in quality written in print.

The school's student newspaper, the Collegiate Times wrote an article of how the school has dropped in rank. Honestly, I don't really care that we dropped in rank. It still does not resolve my disgust toward the CS department. All of the great professors are gone. With fewer classes, less funding, and no support from the CS department the students are left hanging. You can't expect me to love that now do you?

I've said enough.

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April 06, 2004

Hanami はなみ

To help provide a better understanding of what Hanami is, there is a article in the Japan Times that will provide the historical background and more indepth facts.

There isn't much to say that will involve anything new. As a yearly ritual for me I travel back to Northern Virginia and go into D.C. to check out the cherry blossoms. This year however I wanted to see the Sakura Matsuri. I was looking forward to the Taiko performance and seeing Sumo wrestlers, but it took us (Umar, Dina, and Dina's parents) longer than expected to walk around the Tidal basin. We basically walked 20 feet stopped for 5 minutes to take pictures and it went on like that for 3 hours. The scenery was beautiful but I don't think it was enough to make the Japanese envious. The weather was cold and cloudy so the colors from the blossoms are not as spectacular as it usually is with the warm sun.

When Umar and I finally reach 12th and Pennsylvania we saw the crowd and after little bit of searching we saw the Taiko performers moving their drums and other equipments around. We were not sure if they were unpacking or packing their equipment since there was a lot of rummaging. Sadly the realization that the drums were getting dismantled and the performance had only ended some 10 minutes before our arrival finally hit us. We shook off the disappointment and set another goal of finding Miss Cherry Blossoms!

So there you have it my empty blog. I used my Woca to take pictures so I'll post the pictures once I have them developed and scanned. So I say in about 2 weeks. Yeah turn around time for medium format film takes a while. Until then I will try to blog about something more interesting, maybe continue my rambling about how great Kansai Gaidai is? hmmm ...

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