May 31, 2004

West Virginia

A week after my previous entry the spring semester ended and I had a free a few days to relax before my summer internship started. Iím so glad that spring semester is over. Now one more to go, but for now Iím glad summer is here.

I've been living in ghetto West Virginia for the past two weeks. Yes ghetto, it's like going to the dirty south with red necks and hoodlums roaming about in the same area. Worst yet I live in a ghetto ass house in the down town Martinsburg. I stay in my house and I have to keep my windows open since I got no AC and the unit smells like yesterday's trash.

The job however is cool. I like the stuff not too bad. The pay is alright but not enough to make me stay in Martinsburg on the weekend. I just skiddale my way back to Fairfax 95 miles away. Also with the high gas prices that is hurting me a bit. It doesn't matter, anything to get the hell out of W.Va.

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May 09, 2004

Almost Over

Spring semester is almost over and summer is fast approaching. I have finished my only real exam, Programming languages. My other final is Japanese but since I'm not taking this class for credit the grade does not matter so I'm not worried about it. Thus this allows for some idle time and time to relish in the beautiful spring weather. I was able to capture the things I thought were interesting with my trusty digit cam.

With the images that I took I mainly tried to play around with color and lighting to see how I can increase contrast and color. Not being able to control my aperture very well some of the images came out rather muted and lacked any interest.

This is just a fun picture. I did not bring a tripod so I had to put use a bench as my base and consequently I wasnít able to get the composition I wanted. It was just a test run to see if things would work out. Now that I know I can almost flawless embed myself I will try it again with a tripod and definitely better lighting!

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