July 08, 2004


Well I thought I should write about what I've been doing all summer. Things have gotten into a routine now. Waking up early however, is still a struggle but I still drag my limp soul out of bed and some how manage to make it to work on time.

So here is a snippet of my day.

The typical day starts with me waking up early around 6:30 or 7:30. Not so bad if I'm able to sleep the night before but usually it's pretty difficult. Especially when I'm now sleeping on an air mattress and before that was sleeping on a cot. The lack of a comfortable mattress has caused some minor back problems but it's no big deal. I find that having a good night sleep can truly determine how productive I can be the next day. If I have my eyes shut all day long and nod off in my chair nothing gets done. I just constantly walk around trying to find a sleeping location. *Yeah if that's even possible*

Well once I'm done showering and ready for work I take my lunch, which I've packed and set ready from the previous night. Then I head out the door with the roommate. My roommates and I car pool so we switch off every 3 or 2 days depending on who is driving. One of the roommates (Chris Harwood) bought a new car, so he's been driving it everyday. Thus the car pool is now down to Berkley Almeida (aptly named Almeida Biatch) and I.

At work I occasionally endure the ritualistic intern bashing but you brush it off along with the dirt on your shoes and laugh along with the crowd. Most of the time the employees don't bother with you and you run along doing your little work, wherever that might be. I mention this because interns are placed at different locations based on which team they are in, or if there is a cubical available. Otherwise they could be placed in the computer lab; appropriate labeled the dungeon for its intoxicating atmosphere and occasional extremely foul sewage smell. Or like me sharing a cube with another employee. OSC has so far taken care of their interns. They have done some follow up to see how things are going for us. Treating me better than I would have expected and I was expecting to be ignored, shoved around, and serving lots of coffee. So far none of that, but I digress.

Having gotten to work, logged on to my computer, I beginning tapping away at code that I've been working on. Like any cubical world some days are betters than others but for some it's always the same hogwash just different day. From time to time I become unproductive and waste the day away. Don't as me where it goes, all I know is that I'm glad to be done with the workday. Unlike the usually work day of 8 hours, I've been putting in around 11 hours a day this week so I can get out of here early on Friday. Again I digress. I do spend most of my day programming. I sometimes ask myself this too if I can actually do this for a living. Since I've been trained as a programmer but I think I will soon be jaded by this florescent lit none edifice of a building. This can be compared to that of an animal in a zoo, caged up for too long and lack of stimulation can result in some type of damage.

To cut things short I spend the day at my desk doing the required web programming. After work I come home, eat dinner, and I come back to work, to work out. There is a gym conveniently located within the building. The gym being as small as it is, it will suffice for now, it's no McComas but nothing is right?! The day ends with me showering after the work out and passing out on the back tormenting air mattress. Then my days begins anew. In CS Geeky terms, repeat until ?? (until I quit? Give up? ... You can fill in the blanks for me.

Sorry for the long windedness but it's good to write something on here after a long hiatus. The now habitual absence of pictures still remains and will continue until I find my camera. I did not even take pictures during the July 4th fire works, a prime time to take pictures I might add, which was great in D.C. btw. I will hopefully try to make it up somehow. I'm currently taking pictures with the lomo lc-a but not enough to get it develop anytime soon.

Well enough for now. Leave a comment and bitch to me. I want to hear your problems! I can't guarantee I will have a solution but I will listen!

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