August 23, 2004

School Has Started

The academic year has officially started but I do not have any classes today. I only have classes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and free on Fridays, isnít that beautiful? I'm currently still in the process of figuring out my schedule but more importantly, trying to figure out a routine. Since it will be a tough semester ahead I need to properly manage my time. Iím not looking forward to all of the work but Iím anticipating that it will be rewarding. Unlike previous semesters I'm actually looking forward to these classes. Letís see how long this mentality may last considering I havenít been to any class yet. They sound interesting and might be beneficial in some way.

In usual end of summer style that has now is almost a tradition, this pasted weekend I went to Virginia Wine Fest. This year the festival was held at a different venue but it was still just as much fun. The weather was cloudy and rainy but a little dizziness wasn't going to impede us from tasting what Virginia's Vineyards had to offer.

Ryan and I have been the veteran of this event and weíve had many different friends joined us. Every year there has been a different crowd, this year it included Hau, Tuan, and Nancy.

As we waded through the mass of vineyards we constantly kept an eye out for our most anticipated vendor, the makers of hard apple cider. We were severely disappointed by their absence but for now there will always be Woodchuck and lots more hard cider out there for me to buy. In the mean time enjoy the pictures that I will post up soon.

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August 13, 2004

The end is here

Today was my last day at the OSC. It was quite a solemn day. I was a bit apprehensive about going to work so I leisurely took my time getting there. As I drove to work I started reflecting on the past week at work and how great it was. While reflecting it also made me evaluate my experience. I would have to rate it as one of the best. I attribute this rating to the office environment and the people, which were both great! I find that to be a excellent combination so there isn't much to complain about. Now I just wanted it to last a bit longer.

I have taken pictures of everyone on my team. I will post it soon.

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August 09, 2004

Trials - QA

Currently experimenting with a new image gallery tool that I found. The SimpleViewer is a pretty slick tool. It's all done in flash so I can't see any of the code but it integrates XML.

Along with the viewer there is a separate app, the SimpleViewer Admin tool which makes it even easier and more convenient for me. The Admin tool was similar what i was trying to create last summer but never completed. The author's code is a slick and well formatted. Just hard to read and understand his style of coding. I'm slowly disecting and changing it to do what I want. Other than that this tool has made updating my webpage that much faster. Now I just have to adjust the images and then upload them. No more fumbling with code and constant uploading.

This selction of images are just random pictures that I've taken from my weekend trip from WVa to Fairfax on Route 9, somewhere in NJ, and some at my work place.

Later on this week I will be taking more pictures and so there will be more people pictures and my work place pictures.

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August 01, 2004

Lance Armstrong

I know this has come a week after Lance has done the unimaginable but the one thing that I can't seem to get out of my mind his how often I see lance on Television. He is all over the place, from Suburu, Bristol Myer Squib, ESPN, and Nike. They all are very interesting but the one I find most breath taking and the most empowering one of them all is Nike's just do it commercial called "Magnet". Seeing it in the theater for the first time it really caught my attention. It really made me want to hop on a bike and ride along with Lance. Well here is the link to the 90sec ad, tell me what you think.

The imagery is captivating and the sound envelops you into the whole experience.

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