September 27, 2004

one of those days

Well it's one of those days. I initially wanted to write about how I have been sleeping too much. Not being on a routine I tend to spend most of the day napping. Going to bed at odd hours and waking up at odd hours has taken it's toll on my body. Now I'm fatigue and tired all the time. Btw this is called Hypersomnia.

I meant to post some pictures of Blacksburg but when browsing through my large digital photo album I bumped into something I was working on last March. Something that I never finished b/c I was not satisfied with the equality of the scan. Now I say what the heck. These images make me reminisce and I become very nostalgic for Japan. These are places that I visited so often and loved so much. Makes me really determined to go back and see these places again.

As a side note, I have begun the process of applying to go to school in Japan. Hopefully the paper work is being sent to me as I speak.

The photos within this entry are taken with my panoramic camera. The blurred edges are due to my lack of experience dealing with the complex film loading mechanism. This was also my first roll of film, umm successful film. I lost my first real roll when I absolutely did not load it correctly and film actually got jammed and ripped without me knowing. Only after the 20th exposure did I realized that something was not right. The darn thing is quite tricky to load if you haven't done so before. This was the first and last roll of panoramic film that I have used. The difficulty lies in finding a place to actually print it. Also scanning in the pictures is a bit tricky since the image frame is not 35mm, thus complicating matters even more.

All in all I think the pictures came out great. To further enhance the viewing pleasure and to the chagrin of my none broadband viewers I have made the images bigger. Let me know what you think.

P.S. as a note the "Thy Investment Funding" is a continuing project, so ugh ... please donate? :o)

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September 23, 2004

Long time no see

Has it really been a month since I last updated? According to the date above it's exactly one month to the day. I have intended to update more often but I've been easily distracted by other things, mainly school. I think I’ve mentioned this before but I do walk around mentally dictating what I would write on my blog. However, when the time comes to actually writing it, well …. Yes exactly I tend to not care and move right along surfing the web. Hmm lets find more pictures of Cecila Cheung on the web!

Digressing aside, within the past months many things have happened. Of course from the image above, I attended a wedding. Then ... well that's about it. Nothing has happened since the last entry. I've seen people come and go, watched as the leaves on the Ginko and Sycamore trees change to the autumn hue. Felt the temperatures change from cool 50s in the morning to the mid 70s in the afternoon. Besides that the excitement in my life only exists in my slumber.

Maybe when I'm motivated I will show evidence of the change in weather as fall fast approaches in the New River Valley area.

Oh btw I’m taking donations for the “Thy Investment Fund” – The funding is for the purchasing of new camera equipment, thus in return the donators will be rewarded with ever lasting professional quality images of their choosing. Please inquire within for further information.

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