October 24, 2004

was sick but better now

So I've been miserable for the past week, it all started last Friday, 10/15/04 to be exact. In usual style I got my sore throat and the persistent throat pain turned into a little fever, then moved on to some sinus congestion, then head pains, and to finish it off endless coughing. Yeah the cough is the really annoying part since I can't control it at all and it's so disruptive.

In trying to control my cough and drugging myself up with cough suppressant I remember saving some of my Japanese cough medicine. Then another thing hit me ... hmmm ... wasn't I sick at the same time last year? With the miracle of blogging I went to blog entry one year ago and BAM! What did I see? A blog about me biatching about my cold and as it turns the cold started almost exactly to the day. Coincidence? ummm maybe, weird? yes!

This year however I am no longer in Japan and there really isn't a need to travel or do anything. Iím in gloomy Blacksburg for god sake, this is true b/c for the past 10 days the weather have been cloudy and wet. How do you like that for fall weather? Iím also trying to conserve my over price gas and just trying to minimize cost.

Where is the excitement in my life you ask? Well, I say you're asking the wrong question because school has been top priority, albeit my performance record doesnít really show that thatís the case. To be true to myself and maybe some readers, my main motive is to just pass my classes and still be in good standing to graduate. Yes that is all, nothing too elaborate.

Lately however and maybe it's because of being sick it has put it into more perspective, but I have been taking my time doing my school work. It's not even about procrastination, it's about motivation factor. Don't get me wrong I still worry about getting my work done but the motivation to do well in it is no longer there. There just seems to be one goal and it's just to get it done and make it passable.

As for the Japanese application to language school ... It's in the process since I've been sick I have been behind in my school work and my previous mentioned of motivation has been hindering my progress. Need not worry it will get done! Monday is when the Japan trail will have its ribbon cutting ceremony.

Until then I will leave you with my archive pictures! teehee. I promise to put up pictures once I get them. The difficulty lies in the fact that these are film cameras and it difficult to instantaneously post them. Leen, if youíre reading this? I do have a digi came but the fun in taking pictures is finding the results of work by making it more painful on yourself! Yeah Iím a bit twisted that way. Honestly, film just provides results that I could never achieved through a digital camera. Until then just check back!

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October 15, 2004

shall we dance?

shallwedance.jpg shallwedanceplakat.jpg

Well for those of you who have seen the trailer for this movie on tv you would think, "hey it's fat ass JLo and Buddhist Richard Gere on the screen together in a gay looking movie". Of course if I heard that I wouldn't think twice and say yes it's gonna suck.

I really have nothing against this movie except for the fact that it's a 99% adaptation of the original 1996 Japanese version with the same name, Shall We Dansu. The other fact that bothers me the most however is that it's from Miramax of all studios! Miramax as a corporation have always shunned spectacular Asian films. They always some how delay the exposure of the film to reduce the heat and therefore the popularity of the film. For example the movie "Shaolin Soccer" was a great film that broke all records for that 2001 year. Miramax promised to bring it over to the US. Finally after 2 years of delays it finally got it over here but only in limited theaters. I say WTF and here they are remaking a film instead of bringing over already existing great Asian films. But in their own defense they do try, no other large studios really bring in Asian influence except for Disney but those were just Animes.

yeah so ... just go watch it or be like me and wait until it's on DVD and then download that biatch!

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October 12, 2004


Here is the email I got from my prof when he sent it to the whole class. This is his attempt to make the student show up to class, or rather an incentive to nap in class instead of your room.

Hello All,

Recently, many students have been consistently late to class and today there were 5 absences, one of which who dropped out and one more possibly will drop out.

Since the students who are not late do not want me to end the lecture 10 minutes late due to late arrivals, today we agreed on the following policy:

Those who arrive late more than 5 minutes or absent without an approved excuse are required to bring chocolate (M&M, hershey's, snickers, etc.) for the entire class to be distributed during the next class meeting.

This is a policy voted on by the students who regularly attend class and who are not late. I strongly endorse this policy.

Thanks for your cooperation,


Hey you can't blame the guy for trying. I do learn something when I attend class but I'm rather unresponsive during the whole session. Mainly I day dream about something else and occasionally awaken to pieces of the on going lecture. Now that I think about it I usually have a bout of amnesia after the class. I tend to have temporary forgotten everything that was said but the information slowly comes back to me after glimpsing at my class notes.

As a note to myself, Ayumi came to visit us this past weekend. I have some pictures but it's all in film so I need to develop them first. Come back again to see some of those pictures.

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October 04, 2004

depressed? no way

I just got an interesting email from the university about depression screening. As I read through the email I was reminded of my personal habits during my sad and gloomy days. If you're a long time reader and have read my blog pre fall 2003, I was quite dishearten and dispirited character especially about where I was in my life. I could have really used the depression screening to see if I was really depressed! However, in the long run the depression mood really made me determine to first of all get this domain that I desperately wanted, after 2 years of patiently waiting. Most importantly in my most humble opinion it made me more determined to travel to Japan, something I also so desperately wanted to do.

These two things have really changed my outlook. I'm no longer so dishearten about my focus and future. It has provided me with something to look forward to and goals to achieve. It has lighten my spirit and made me a happier person. What a difference a year makes right?!

To further recycle information and this might be beneficial to some I shall post some information from the email:

"Current national survey data indicate that 1 in 10 college students is suffering from clinical depression, that is, depression serious enough to interfere with daily functioning, that should be evaluated and treated. In addition, suicide remains the third leading cause of death among 15- to 24-year-olds and depression plays a major role when students feel suicidal.

Do you know a fellow student who has lost interest in things they used to care about? Is feeling hopeless, tired or sad? Is less confident in their abilities? It might be a passing mood or it might be something more serious. To help the individual find out you can refer them to the Cook Counseling Center web site for a free and anonymous self test for depression. The screening is available to all members of the university community including faculty, staff, administrators and students. Thursday October 7 is National Depression Screening Day but the self test is available on-line throughout the year.

Depression is not about personal weakness. It is not a reflection of inability to cope with life's frustrations and demands. It is an illness that responds well to treatment. If an individual would rather talk to someone in person they can call the Cook Counseling Center at 231-6557 or drop by our screening booth in the McComas Hall lobby on October 7th between the hours of 10:00AM and 3:00PM."

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