November 25, 2004


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was a great day. Good food and good company, what more would you want? This year's Thanksgiving however was at the Traub's resident, something that we have not done before. Usually we always show up the day after thanksgiving to finish up the leftovers. Not breaking with tradition I will probably drop by again tomorrow and help finish up some more turkey.

Like every year the Traub always have different company. This year was a set of international students attending Georgetown. There were seven of them, six of which were Japanese, one was Korean, and her name is Seri. The only other female there was Yuki. They were all such a diverse set of students that it was all very interesting to meet them. I was not able to talk to many of them but the few I talked to provided me with a great impression. I was notably impressed with many of them especially Ren, he spoke French and had worked in France at a boarding house for special need kids. There was 15 people total in all at the dinner tables. Yes tables, since there were so many of us. I will post some pictures of the whole event.

Happy Thanksgiving for those out there!

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November 20, 2004


I have just spoken to my mom. It has been almost two decades since I have last heard her voice. She has always been in my distant memories but now she's more vivid than ever. After all these years I thought being able to communicate with my mom would be more emotional filled and me scared. However the whole experience was more enjoyable than I had thought. I took forward to her next chat. This is new to me. It has lighten my spirit a bit.

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November 18, 2004

All Nighter?

I truely hate all nighters. I used to be able to do them like a champ. Through the years my ability to stay alert and wide has drastically dwindled. It puts so much stress on my body and mentally drains me. So here I am with 1/3 of my Software Engineering class in the gradulate. Most of us have been here over 12 grouling hours. I have been for almost 14 hours and have eatten only one meal. It is now 2am, which is normally my bed time. However I"m so mentally drained and physically exhausted that it's not about being tired. I'm just pushing myself to complete this project and get it over with. There might be other night like this sooon with other projects. We tired to not get ourselves in such situations but the group kept pushing the meeting and goals back and back. So there you have, a result of postponement and we're paying the price. Well I really don't care about the sleep but it's the fact that I've been doing this for so long. I will try to fix this entry later but I"m too tired to proof read. hope it makes sense.

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November 07, 2004

No More Sixpence


After gleefully listening to Sixpence None The Richer's Kiss me song, the Japanese Version, I went about looking for the lyrics. At first I was disappointed in only finding one site and with the phonetic words making little sense. A little more googling around and I found this! This of all things, "Sixpence Says Goodbye". Shocking! I just couldn't believe what I just read. I tried to suspend my disbelief by searching around some more, unfortunately to my dismay, the inevitable truth showed the exact same letter. All of this happened during Feburary, a whole 9 months ago, one year after I saw them in concert. Where was I during this time? How did this escaped me for so long? Now things are starting to make sense especially with their best off album.

Now I leave a small tribute to Sixpence. The one band that perpetually listened to as I monotonously drove my 4 hours to and from VT for the past 2 years. The one band that I actually thrilled to see live in concert, and surprisingly enough I really enjoyed. The one bad who's lead singer is the most down to earth and friendliest person you'll ever meet. This is actually the first time I'm actually disappointed about loosing a musical artist that I really liked, this one time I actually really cared. Leigh and Matt, I wish you the best in the rest of your endeavors. Now Iíll go learn the Japanese lyrics of Kiss Me and sing it to myself, maybe all in the hopes that Lisa Loeb doesn't call it quits too.

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