December 25, 2004


Well today is the happy day, well for most. Being non catholic unlike the other 50% of the Vietnamese population I do not really celebrate Christmas. I do however celebrate in certain aspects of Christmas like exchanging gifts and cherishing friends and family. I know Iím not the only one since I do know many others who do the same. What makes this really interesting is on Christmas day I awoke early to go visit a few friends. As I joyfully navigated through my streets toward the highway I was eerily shocked to not see a single soul or vehicle. Considering I live across the street from a shopping center and less than 1 mile from a mall the streets are usually flurried with shoppers. However today, the streets were empty. This quickly changed as I progressed closer to Falls Church, the area with more minorities and more diversity. There I heard the bustling of businesses still functioning like normal. To them Christmas is like any other business day. There I felt more comfortable and glad to see the stores are still open!

Well I wish everyone happy holidays! Above I have pictures of my visit to the Manassas Bull Run Park Miracle of Lights. I hope this will brighten your spirits! Enjoy!

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December 15, 2004

Game Over

I must say this has been longest 6 days of my life. Now I'm glad it's all over with. The main academic exams are over with (I still have my Japanese exam left) I can breath a big sigh of relief. During the process of studying and finding my results rather rapidly, I came to the realization that any mistake I make now on my finals would be detrimental to goal of graduating. Anything below a B as a final grade would hinder me from graduating with a minimum of a 3.0 gpa. These realizations shocked me into focusing and as you would say scared me into shape. Now I hope my efforts were not in vain. I shall know by the beginning of next week ...

The weather is currently 19įF, yes COLD as crap! But to warm things up I have pictures from my cellphone from the craziness that is Japan.


Famous Glico ad of Hanshin Tiger player on Dontonburi bridge. Self photo of me at the To-ji in Kyoto, I look pissed off for some reason. Mig checking himself out with my AU phone camera: so babyyy who's sexy?


Janna giving me her sexy I want you look! (^_^). Hunter saying what's up my neighboring state homie, yeah I'm not partial to Tennessee in any way. Rachel, well I have no clue what she's doing but still charming, maybe?

Thomas relaxing and mixing on the train with these Japanese. Wow: cheezu!

More to come!

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December 10, 2004


Seven, count it, seven days until its game over. Next Friday I'll be cruising down the road of freedom. Itís going to be beautiful. For now however, I'm terrified of this one exam. I barely read any of the readings, I always day dream in class, and down right do not enjoy any of it. As of right now I don't know where I stand in the class since there are very few graded assignments and the exam will be an essay style. There will be 10 papers and 6 chapters from the book to which he can ask questions from. Yah to my doom. Whateva, I just need a passing grade then I can cheer for sweet sweet joy. On the lighter side, I spoke to the prof and he has given me hope. He has shown me that there can be light at the end of the tunnel, I just have to work for it.

Wish me luck!

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December 03, 2004


I spent the past 1.5 hours of my life de-spamming my web page. Initially I was tediously deleting one spam comment at a time. That wouldn't be too bad if I only had a few to go through but I have been bombarded with close to 3000 spam! Yes I was a target and victim of "Comment Spamming" and luckily through the miracle of Google I found a solution.

For those of you who are having the same problem and are using Movable Type., here is the link to MT-BlackList. This plug-in will integrate with Movable Type seamlessly. The installation might be a bit difficult but the documentation was a not a convoluted technical mumble jumble. Then in a few moments time you can click away and start deleting all that junk. *phew* glad thatís over with. Now I hope the spamming will cease for a bit.

On a side note, the semester is almost over with only 3 days of classes left and then 1.5 weeks of exam. At the moment crunch week (Hell week) is almost over then its exam with me finishing up last minute projects. Life would be good in two weeks. Yes I can see it now, me sitting around doing nothing, absolutely nothing for a long time. Being carefree, stress-free, and loving it!

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