January 15, 2005

Spoiled By The Weather

The past couple of the weeks the weather has been unusually nice. Blame it on global warming if you want but I was loving it. I couldn't believe I was walking around in a T-Shirt in January. That was all nice until today. Now the frost is back on my windshield and the cold chill freezes my breath. The single layer luxury has faded and the shivering muscle is uncontrollable. Currently wishing of warmer weather.

Besides the fading warmth I went to the doctors to get a physical. Usually all of my health needs can be cured at Shiffer Health Center on campus. However, for a school with a HUGE sports department (sports medicine) the school does not do any type of physicals. Their reason is that I'm not an athlete therefore I do not have access to that type of resources. This leaves me with only one option is that to find locals doctors in the area. I must have looked up over 50+ doctor's within a 3 mile radius of campus. All of them except one have a web page showing what type of services they offer and office related information. Side tracking aside, my point is that for such a large school with students paying Health Fees every semester we are denied access to resources easily available. How hard is it to have a doctor look me over and examine my basic physical health? This irrates me to no end, especially this is a basic services given to many other large schools.

To minimize the agony of my readers who are actually reading this. I paid $70 to have a checked up so I can get this piece of paper as proof of good health.

It reads:

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been asked to write a letter on behalf of Nguyen.

Mr. Nguyen has no significant diseases. He is healthy and able to participate in work and school acitivites - as well as travel - with no restrictions.

Please notify my office if you have any questions concerning this patient.


Laura Burton

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January 01, 2005

New Year

Happy New Year everyone! 2004 is over so say hello to 2005!!! Now letís hope this year will be even better than the last. I have lots of things planned this year and I hope it all comes true.

On reflecting on 2004 I must say it wasn't a bad year. Spring semester went smooth. Summer flew by with me working at a fun and great place and the last fall semester was hectic. Overall it was a pretty busy year. When you think about it school has been my life and the year really dashed by me. I spent most of it completing coursework and staying out of trouble, and that I am very happy about. Within this year I will be a quarter of a century old and from there I think I will try to embark on more adventures and continue to try new things.

Until then I wish everyone a year of happiness, good health, and best wishes in any endeavor you choose to undertake.

I will now leave you with more pictures from Japan.


Kevin looking sharp after his hair cut. Ayumi proudly displaying her sushi dishes. Truong not to be out done does the same.


Ayumi and her friend. Rodrigo blink as I take my first picture ever with my snazzy new cell phone. David my second picture victim gleefully looks on.


Randy and Mig karaokeing it up! Ryan and I looking full and sushi out!

Happy Birthday to Jimmy. Thanks to his gf Kimmy we were able to have a suprise birthday celebration for him at his place. Hope this year will be a good year for him.

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