February 28, 2005

Visa Approved!

The good news came. Now more waiting ... I must have my financial aid consortium agreement signed by Yamasa. Otherwise my financial aid would not go through and I will have no money. Then all this money and time have been wasted for nothing. I honestly don't think I will finally be happy and secure about my trip until I set foot on Japanese soil. That's when I will finally realize that the dream has materialized. Until then I'm still day dreaming and everything thus far is a fantasy that can disappear at any moment.

I just have this sneaking feeling that all of this waiting and anxiety is analogous to that of being in a car and eagerly awaiting your destination. The minutes seem like hours and the miles just linger on. You just can't get there soon enough and the broken record lyrics of "are we there yet?" continually repeats itself. However in this case I can't speed up time or in the driver seat to make my car go any faster. I have to wait for others to make the decision of how soon I'll get there, if I can get there. I feel helpless ... however I know it will be a good dream when it has solidified into something tangible. Now I wait ...

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February 23, 2005


Finally developed my lomo film that has been sitting around for more than one year. Now currently scanning them in.

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February 19, 2005

Canon EOS 350D / Rebel Digital XT

image courtesy of - enchance image courtesy of

The replacement for the Canon Digital Rebel is finally here. Announce yesterday at the PMA 2005. Read the reviews here

I've been dreaming of getting the digital rebel but it's cheap production and until lately a bit pricy has hindered me from actually purchasing it. However with it's replacement and much better capabilities has really really really made me want to buy one. The release date for the camera is a late March. Wondering if I should try to purchase it now or later ... hmmm

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February 18, 2005

More of Me

So why stop the Narcissistic behavior now that Valentine’s Day is over? I don't need to celebrate it just once a year it could be every day. Well I just wanted to post some pictures to keep my image hungry audiences entertained. So below are a few more pictures of me. However, they are from my IDs. You can be the judge if they are good representation of me.

Current student ID. Mr. Umar Arshad has my original Freshmen ID. It'll be nice if I can get it back from Umar some of these days.

This is my badge from my summer job working in W.Va at the Coast Guard Center.

Here is a closer look of it. Information blurred so that the government doesn't accuse me of potentially sharing sensitive information.

This is the latest picture of me with my hippy hair do. It's going on 5 months and by the end of this month it might have to go. Having long hair just doesn't suit me very well. As it lengthens it starts to be wavy and very unmanageable. Taking care of it has become more time consuming and I shed like a wilder beast. There is hair every where in my room. It’s also a bit distracting when I start playing with it.

The weird thing about my driver license is that I lost my previous one the day it expired. I'm usually very meretriciously about keep tracking of my IDs and car keys but I guess it was a good thing I was only careless on the one day it didn't really matter. It's just too bad that I've been unable to find it. I have a feeling that some undergrad found it and saw my age and kept it as an ID to buy alcohol. I just hope it's not and nothing more serious considering I have my SSN and address on there. Both of which are deadly combinations that can do a lot of damage to my identity.

Enjoy the rest of the month and hope the weather will warm up soon. I can see the spring looming in the grounds and in the tree branches.

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February 14, 2005

YAMASA Visa Update

Current doing a happy dance from unexpected good news from Yamasa. Seems like someone out there is watching over me. I guess you can call this my valentines gift. yeahhhh. So here is the email I received:

This is an email from Yamasa Institute, updating your application status.
The immegration bureau gave us a telephone call, saying that the result will be announced on 25th of February. The officer didn't give us a clear answer, but it seems that all Yamasa Applicants will be approved. We hope we can send the news to you by email on 25th of February, or at latest, 28th of February 2005.

Best regards,

Toshiyuki Nakajima
Student services
Yamasa Institute

I hope this is not a premature celebration and is providing me with false hopes which might result in my visa being rejected. If that does happen I'll have to angrily raise my fist to the sky and damn thee to hell. I just hope I submitted all my paperwork correctly.

Not to be out done I got some nice cheese cake cup cake from Thé which she diligently made herself. Now isn't that nice?

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V-Day again

Well you know what day it is. In my Narcissistic ( V-Day 2003, V-Day 2004)fashion I will dedicate this day to myself.

However unlike other years this year I actually have a valentines. And to be fair I shall share a picture of us. Thanks Monica!

To all my friends out there who has someone to share it with have fun! Cherish it and enjoy it. For others that don't I would like to leave this last quote from Kara:

Dear Valentine's Day

I hope you die.



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February 01, 2005

It's slowly materializing

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I've been very pleasantly surprised by all of the well wishes. I don't ever remember that many wishes in a long time, albeit these were from close friends and family. No matter how meager the numbers of wishes were I am thankful that I have been remembered.

I know the one person that will not forget my birthday is Josh Rattan. One of the few people I personally share the same birthday with. The other is my old freshmen roommate, Celeb O’Boyle Weaner, who is now MIA. Josh left a voice message for me wishing me the big 25. He also so poignantly mentioned that we meet 7 years ago back in Vawter Hall (correction - Barringer Hall). That's back during our freshmen year when we were eager to learn and enthusiastically absorbed CS. Now he's doing well at PWC. I wish him well. Thanks again chief!

Thank you Hau for the bday gift. I know I need to manage my crazy hair but I'm still testing to see how long I can keep this hair going. 5 months and counting but it will definitely go during the 6 month mark.

Would it be a good sign if the one thing I find better than any gift possible arrived on my birthday? Is this good foreshadowing or am I getting ahead of myself? I realize I'm not a seer but I would like to surmise that things happen for a reason and a very important document arrived on the most significant of days for me.

Yes my letter of Acceptance finally arrived from Yamasa. BTW, I know you like that mug of me taken a year ago with my lump of hair, hotness. After months of struggling to get all the necessary paperwork in on time I finally got it in. Only a few more things to do before everything can fall into place. Only a few more, a few more …

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Quarter Of A Century

I will update this more a bit later but for now these previous post will provide you with why I am writing this.

It's not a secret or anything just ...

Feb 1st, 2004 , Feb 1st, 2003

Oh I love the miracle of blogging ... and to think I've been doing this for so long. Too bad I lost almost 6 months worht of entries before I even started this site.

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