April 18, 2005

More Sakura

Beginning my long board lessons. Had my first wipeout ... still bleeding. It's going to hurt for a while.

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April 16, 2005


I'm really unimpressed with Nagoya. It seems like such a sleepy city with a little of this and little of that but not much spice. It really lacks the luster of Osaka or the mystique of Kyoto. Maybe it's because I've only see a small part of what Nagoya has to offer and I really need to visit the touristy part of town. However, it was quite the opposite for me while I was in Osaka. I never visited any of the tourist areas and I was always content with the underground malls or the big shopping areas. This has only been the beginning of my tour about Aichi-ken. However for now I shall leave you with these pictures.

Jamie has been in alot of my pictures since he's been a willing subject as I try to learn more about my camera. The Rebel XT is still a bit tricky and I'm slowly figuring out the different options available.

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April 15, 2005

Long week

The hanami season is almost long gone but I still have pictures to share.

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April 12, 2005

Kept Busy

Things are slowly becoming a routine. My jet lag is also slowly dissipating as I start to get tired later and later in the day. My waking hours are all spent either attending class or studying. I hesitate to mention class since I'm still not comfortable with the format of the class and if today is any indication; I'll be confused during many more classes.

Thanks to John and Pam for their generous gift! Truly amazing! I now can afford private Japanese lessons, which is very expensive. Now I will be taking 30 hours a week of Japanese class, 6 hours of which will be private lessons.

Here are more pictures from Okazaki-Koen Hanami

This is a picture of my new roommate Jamie and the koolest nihonjin in the park! Those cool dudes two pictures above are just posers. This guy is the real deal!

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April 09, 2005

Okazaki-Koen Sakura - Hanami

My first weekend in Japan has been pure craziness. 10 hours of pure gaijin drunkenness fun. All of this allowed in public just to celebrate the beauty that is the cherry blossoms, um that sounded very strange. The Japanese have a specific word for this type of celebration, Hanami. We visited Okazaki Park along with thousands of other Japanese people. As you can tell from the pictures it's a very popular festivity.

Thanks to my roommeto Jamie for taking me there and we had a good time all around. I think it got even better when Nao san showed up. More pictures to come later.

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April 05, 2005

I'm back!

I'm here in good ol'Nippon! In the city of Okazaki to be exact. Now I could care less about all the delays I had during my trip since now I'm here safe in Japan! Things are still strange as ever and there are still plenty of things to do. Jet lag isn't helping me much either. Hope all is well with everyone.

Also if I find a place I will try some okonomiyaki for Daniel "The Swede" but Iím thinking of hitting the kaiten sushi place first. I think even before that I need to get a bike, otherwise walking around will be a boring and laborious process.

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April 03, 2005

Try Try Again

As Aaliyah melodically sings "Dust yourself off and try again", I'm doing just that. This has made me more determined to get there and lifted my nervousness. Here are my new seating arrangements.

The blue dots are the new seats and the red dots are the old seats.

I have notified Yamasa of my flight changes and they promptly replied with:

"Thank you telling your schedule. Don't worry! We'll pick you up at the airport on 5th of Apr., NW71, at 18:00pm.
Have a safe trip.

Yukiko Iijima"

Awesome, now I'm set for round two. Nothing is going to hold me down. I'm going to keep on moving!

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Lady Luck

Hey lady luck where are you? My streak of bad luck hasnít ended yet and I'm hoping you can help me out. Maybe Dave (Mr. Briganti to the rest of you) is right about being an omen telling me to get the hell out of this country. Is he right? I really do want to get the hell out of this state for a bit.

Well you can tell where my first bad luck started from my previous post. The second one was early this morning while my sister was driving me to the airport. A female cop pulled us over since the window tint was too suspiciously dark. Turns out it was too dark for Virginia Law. Only 50% tint on the front window and some other outrageous number on the back. Therefore in Emeril style, Bam!!!!!, she was slapped with a fine.

The third one started innocently enough, plane was delayed. The 10 minute delay turned into 20 minutes then 30, due to severe turbulence and an inspection was required, so now 1 hour delay. 1 hour later, "ladies and gentlemen, flight 1407 to Detroit has been indefinitely been delayed due to maintenance .... " WTF?! One quick call to NorthWest Airline later, "sorry we have no flights available to take you to Detroit to catch your connection to Nagoya. We can book you another flight for tomorrow, same bat time same bat channel." (Bat was added to show how gay the whole situation was). After waiting in line for 1 hour I got my new itinerary and called up my ride again.

All of this trip just trying to leave this country. I pray that Japan will be smooth sailing. Wish me luck please! I will really need it!

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April 01, 2005

Fender What fender?

I'm just a bit overwhelmed right now. I've been driving everywhere lately, drive back from Tech, visiting Richmond, and navigating DC without any troubles. However, my luck ran out this evening when I was rear ended while stopped during rush hour traffic on 66 E. WTF?! I have no clue how fast he was going but it was enough to knock my head against the steering wheel and caused my car to lunged forward and hit the car in front of me. The damage on my car is minimal (back fender is wacked, trunk cannot be closed, rear tail light damaged, muffler out of place and near the ground, etc) since I was still able to drive it but my alignment is all jacked! The one thing Iím glad about is that other two drivers were good people, very nice seniors. Just too bad things like this had to happen.

What worries me is that I have this sneaking feeling that itís a bad omen. In Aug 2003 before I left for Japan my laptop stopped working. That machine was my heart and soul at that time (nerdy right?), however, this year I think this accident is a few notches above and that worries me. I donít know. Am I worrying about nothing? Is this a sign of bad things to come? Bad luck seems to cling to me like bees to honey, NO, Like Frat boys to beer.

I will have pictures of the damage tomorrow when it's light out. Oh thanks Lisa for letting me know that I will be sore and in pain tomorrow. You planted a mental seed and now my left arm and wrist hurts.

On a lighter note, thanks to Hau, Tuan, and Jen for the awesome time in Richmond. Itís nice to hang out with good friends again.

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