August 26, 2005

It came and quickly left

After the much anticipated winds and rain, Okazaki received nothing! Absolutely nothing.

I woke up to find the dark ominous cumulous clouds drifting by. The air was breezy with a scent of water in air as it briskly flows by. I got ready for class and rode my usual route to school. Classes proceeded as usual, however, at the end of our third period, To-sensei pops his head into the room to everyone surprise. The head man at Yamasa, enters the room and rambles away in Japanese to Sugino-sensei, with hand gestures. From what I could pick out, I heard the word typhoon, weather, and something about early. Cut and paste together, ohhh ... I think we're getting out early.

The teacher repeats the message in a more kantan method so we can understand at our level. She warns us to get home, stay at home, remove anything that can be blown away.

The climax of this story is very anticlimatic. The suspence of the day was forcasted by the weather channel showing Aichi-ken and the near by prefectures were to received heavy rains and maybe the blunt of the Typhoon. As it turns out, we received nothing, not even a real rain drop. Zero accumulation of rain, every other place did however.

I guess I should be fortunate that nothing dangerous happened. I was just hoping for rain since I do enjoy a good thunderstorm.

Now I leave you the picture of the typhoon, barely missing Aichi-ken.

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August 24, 2005

Typhoon #11

I've been meaning to update the site but I just haven't taken any pictures recently. School has been overwhelming and taken up all my time. The weather is still oppressive and the humidity makes me sweat like a mad man. When Iím not in school and whatever free time I have, I've been spending it vegetating. Doing what? I have no clue! But the time passes by really quickly!

In other news, 台風第11号, is coming! Yes, tomorrow typhoon 11 is heading toward the Aichi-ken region. If it does hit us, school and business shall be closed. If that is the case then I think it will be a good day to catch up on my reading and take long naps! Or take a shower in the rain! It would be nice if I can find a way to take pictures of myself in the rain without getting my camera wet. Maybe get Shin-san to get involved, man now I wish Tom Slemmons was here! Fidel were are you?!!!!!

Where has all the excitement of Japan gone? Until I find it again here are some pictures that I have taken over the course of the summer. Forgive me!

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August 15, 2005

Okazaki Matsuri

This was an interesting Matsuri. When I say interesting I thought it was not very popular compared to others that I have seen. Also it was held in the dark with lots of moving around, hence extremely difficult to take pictures. Enjoy my blurry images.

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August 09, 2005

Okazaki Hanabi

Japanese girls dressed for the event in their yukatta

The Yamasa group

The boat shooting off the fire works along with the huge crowd

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August 05, 2005

Outta my space fool!

The most anticipated event in Okazaki will occur tomorrow night. To have the most optimal viewing pleasure we must revert back to the territorial marking days of the past. Since this ritual is so ancient and barbaric thereís bond to be ruthlessness and back stabbing. You think you have marked your space with the proper markings and name tag but it will be trampled, moved, or hi-jacked! Be careful and watch your back, only one second of carelessness and an obaachan will own you!

Taping up her space with lots and lots of tape!

Atsuo loves Yoshio! Be safe!

Taking advantage of the shade

Expensive reserved seats


Yes, pepole are marking out space for the Hanabi event. There will be an outrageous amount of people within the area and to have any view at all you must marked a space. Jamie and I have marked out two large spaces for Yamasa Students but will they be there tomorrow when we come back? We hope to be there early to make sure they are still there. Until then trying to endure the dreadful humidity and heat.

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August 02, 2005

Hair Cut

Getting my hair cut has always been an experience in the US. Finding a reliable place that can do a decent job of trimming my hair has always been a battle. 9/10 times I come out unsatisfied. Only rarely do I come out of the shop happy about the way the cut turned out.

In Japan it is no different. The only different is the price. The average hair cut is $20+, mine was $30 and my teacher said it was very cheap. Then I wondered how much she pays for hers. Price aside, finding a good place to cut your hair is an obstacle. There are varieties of salons or hair cuttery throughout the neighborhood. I say it averages about 1 for every block. Yes they are everywhere but how do you know the shops are any good? Word of mouth? Type of establishment? Available services?

Well to make it short, word of mouth is not always the best way. You have to consider what type of hair cuttery is it, a salon or mom and pops? I say pay the extra cost and to go salon and they will do a better job of taking care of you. They will have more style sense and provide you with the service that you will be happy about. I learned by mistake.

Well so how did my hair turn out? The lady cutting my hair was told exactly what I wanted, but the results show otherwise. It's not so bad if you like it short. I haven't cut my hair in almost 6 months and it has gotten quite long. I wanted to keep it long with a trim from the back and side. There wasn't much trimming when the cutting started, lots of chopping. My side burns look wickedly ugly along with my bangs.

Here is sample:

Exaggeration a side, the resemblance is there.

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