September 29, 2005



Well what can I say? It's a beautiful city and with lots to see. Hotels are outrageously expensive compared to everywhere else in Hungary. Also, thanks to good weather sight seeing has been great. Lots of good photographs ... I hope.

I also visited Debrecen. Also a nice place, more of a college town since there were so meany college and young students around. Overall it's almost like blacksburg with better scenary and people were speaking a different language.

Will update more when I get back. I have one more week here in Hungary and one day in Malaysia. The back to good ol'ozziggy Okazaki. Ja!

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September 24, 2005

Talk about Long

Well let me give you an update of how long my travel has been. I think enduring long travel time is the best part of actually visiting any place. Here is a quick recap.

1. 20 minute walk to train station
2. 1 hour bus ride to air port
3. 2.5 hour wait before departure
4. 6 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur from Nagoya
5. 7 hour lay over in KL airport
6. 11 hour flight to Vinna Austria from KL
7. 1.5 hour wait at a horrible designed airport
8. 1.5 hour bus ride to Budapest
9. 30 minute train ride to hotel
10. 10 minute walk to hotel from train station.

I don't thin the whole trip was that bad thanks to the excellent service and inflight entertainment offered by Malaysia Airlines. I wil write more about this one later. I'm actually looking forward to my return flight. This time I will leave KL airport and spend the day outside. It will br 17 hour layover so I will have extra time to sight see. Until I get back I won't have any pictures to post. However, I have to mention that my 3 days in Budapest has been amazing. Amazing weaher combined with beautiful scenary has been unbeatable! Now I'm going to rest my sore feet.

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September 21, 2005

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Just got here. What an interesting place. Haven't seen anything but the flight here has to be the best I've had anywhere. Malaysia airlines beats anything I've ever encountered. Now I'm stuck here for another 7 hours. Doing what? I do not know. The flight is to leave at 23:00, looks like a red eye but I don't know. Will be in Vienna and the a bus ride to Budapest. *sigh* It's going to be LONG.

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September 16, 2005

Nagoya-jo / Castle

My fall break has started a bit early this semester since I had to visit the Immigration office in Nagoya to get my re-entry permit. From what I can recall, I've only been to Nagoya only a handful number of times even though I've been in Japan for 6 months now. I think before this venture I have only visited the city 4 other times. This is probably due to the fact that Nagoya is not the most exciting place or has many touristy attractions but it does have some of its charm, hidden somewhere. During this venture however I was only interested in Nagoya-jo (名古屋城)

I knew Nagoya was famous for a few things; one of them includes the Castle with the gold fish at the top. The other stuff it's famous for I have yet to figure out, I think it has something to do with black miso soup. Or just miso soup in general but since I live in Okazaki, the mecca of miso soup (been told many times by the locals), that Nagoya miso soup is only famous in Nagoya. In addition, Okazaki made miso soup is famous and known throughout Japan. Well miso soup conflict aside the Japanese do love their food and also every town must be famous for some type of food product even if it's just a bean stuck on twig, they gotta be famous for something!

Yes, my venture to the Immigration office was quick! Yes this has to be the fastest government procedure I have ever seen. Total time to pay, submit paperwork, stamp passport, under 5 minutes, and that's with me fumbling with my Japanese. After jetting out of the building amazed at the efficiency of the system and also disappointed that spent all that money for a stupid little stamp. I wasnít about to let this disappoint pull me down, I wanted to make the most out of visiting Nagoya considering how much of a pain it is to get there. Pain as in standing on the train for an hour looking into nothingness, something the Japanese are very good at.

Getting around in Nagoya is quite easy but getting to the castle is even easier. All you need to do is get to the subway somehow, then by any means try to connect to the purple (the loop line), jump out when they call shiyakusho (市役所), city hall. Pull yourself off the ground and find the big outer castle moat, be careful not to fall in, no easy way out. They also have some vicious looking deers down there, why? I do not know why they have deer roaming around in an ancient castle moat. Follow the trail of deer droppings and youíll find the inner gate leading to the castle. Put money into the ticket machine but if you donít know how it works just grunt at the nice lady standing near by collecting tickets and she will gladly take your money. Iím not sure she will give you proper change but thatís the risk youíll have to take. After paying your 500 Yen fee you are now allowed to freely roam the castle grounds and cause trouble.

Over all the experience was interesting. The castle isn't as majestic as I thought. Also at the top of the castle the view is quite bland. It was hard to take pictures since the windows were all dirty and there was no clear view of anything. Haze and bright sunlight bleaches out most of the view. I was also hoping to get a good view of the golden fish (koi?) but I saw nothing but oxidized roof tiles.

Yes my next big adventure will be far far away. I will not have access to my computer so my updates will take a while.

Welcome to Nagoya Castle where you can tell we take care of history

Is it big or is it big? Similar to Osaka-jo?

Yes I like this picture

The inner moat, beware there is no water but deers live down there

East Tower

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September 11, 2005

Okazaki Surrounding

Are my clothes dry yet?

They look pretty but tey are deadly. Also don't even try entering into this house.

My room with an autumn feel. Purdy ain't it?

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September 08, 2005


I'm not up-to-date with Japanese politics and such but the plastering of politicians head shot all over town and constant loud speakers bellowing out their candidate's name.

Also, I have been trying to play with different settings to see if I can make the photos more crisp and clear. So far only one has turned out the way I wanted. The rest are rubbish. I'm just trying to figure out why in some areas it's so blurry.

Yes Koizumi won, the future looks scary

I'm looking at you? What are you looking at?

whoever these gusy are they don't stand a chance

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September 02, 2005


In the last post I was disappointed by Typhoon #11 when Okazaki did not received any Typhoon like conditions. However, now in light of the massive destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina I feel fortunate that I am safe under a roof with electricity and running water. If something like that is to happen to Okazaki while I'm here I would not know what to do. I cannot fathom the difficulty that I would have to endure when the simple task of everyday communication is a struggle as it. The added responsibility of worrying about my own safety and survival in a totally foreign land would undoubtedly be a very daunting task.

The tragedy does not end there either. The news absolutely shocked me when 600+(at the time of reading the article) Iraqis died in a stampede. A shocking number, something I have never heard of or seen before. The tragic news was truly felt through a picture of the bridge with thousands of sandals, slippers, and shoes lay littered on the road. A shocking reminder of how many people tried to cross and how many died trying.

I donít mean to clog my blog with constant sad stories either about my life or through the news but I feel this is pretty relevant topic. It just shows that those of us who have not experienced these tragedies first hand are fortunate. That being said Iím fortunate that I was able to explore Okazaki to snap a few pictures of the nature that surrounds me. Enjoy!

Rice it's what for dinner? Well give me a another month I'll be mature by then

He looks purdy but he tired to attack me

Beautiful feathers

Fishing for dinner, I say he was better off cooking the rice

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