December 26, 2005

The Winter Blues

With the constant bad weather and cold feet I think I feel a bit of the winter blues. To combat this problem I/we decided to take some pictures. Thus below are some pictures from my photo sessions with Reka.

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December 23, 2005


Well Nagoya/Central Japan has received alot of snow lately. I thought I should show some snow pictures. Enjoy!

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December 12, 2005

Had Enough Yet?

beautiful building at night

This place is even better during the day

can you see the people on top?

I think this will be my last set of photos from Hungary-Budapest. I have plenty more but I will limit it to more interesting ones if I run out of Japan pictures.

These pictures here were taken on my last night while I was in Hungary. It was a cold solemn night. There were also lots of other tourists in the area taking photos too. I did not come prepared so many of my pictures came out blurry. However the majority of the pictures taken here were free hand, no tripod. With 1600 ISO and fast shutter I manage to take some pictures. Many of the finer details are missing but enough to give you an idea of now nice Budapest is at night. I also read somewhere that the lights turn off at midnight, so the city goes dark and bye bye night life. Not sure if that is true.

Even though this was September when I was there the temperature was cold, colder than expected, overall it was a good experience.

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December 11, 2005

Where is the warm weather?

I never actually thought that I would be writing this but after many years of thinking that I like colder weather more than humid weather, I'm starting to think otherwise. Since I've been in Japan I've been exposed to the weather conditions regularly. I use my bike to travel everywhere so I feel the full affects of the weather conditions at all time. In the States I was sheltered by my car and I was always comfortable. Now when I ride my bike the cold breeze strikes my face and I lose all sensation. My fingertips become numb and the cold air easily passes through my pants. Yikes! Also, now during class my feet are always cold, Iím wearing two socks, one of which is fleece. Keeping warm is starting to be a problem, there are is little to no insulation in many buildings. During the summer however, even though I sweat I could always easily cool down. Regulating my body temperature was much easier. A cold shower was always a good remedy. Now a hot shower is good too but once you leave the shower everything else is cold.

The fall season this year seem to have lasted a bit longer than usual. There are some trees here that are just finally losing their leaves. The weather condition is cold and just about right for the winter condition.

Since this year I was not able to see any Momiji, I thought I should post some for last year when I was in Blacksburg, Virginia. Enjoy!

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