January 31, 2006

I love Conan ... well just his show

I must say this has to be one of the funniest video clip I"ve seen from his show.

Just in case you're wondering what the original is like, here it is below. Man I can't believe they put this stuff on television. But MTv does put alot of crap on television. Well enjoy.

Oh you're still reading this? well how about some stuff from Miss Saigon the Musical!

And if you liked that you might like this too. Now this one is the best musical EVER made. And yes Lea Salonga is in this too.

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January 23, 2006

I just feel the cold

Let me set the scene for you. The air temperature in the morning is around 30F. You hop on your bike and right when you get on the street and start to pick up some speed. *ahh*, ití hurts it hurts, what the hell is that cutting my face?! The wind hitting you in the face. Only 30 sec ago you were warm now you wished you had stayed in bed and curse this island nation for being so close to the ocean.

That's what the weather has been like lately. The temperature isn't cold until the winds blow and that's when you wish you had on more clothes. It's just cold air mixed with the wind, similar to that in Blacksburg last year. This year instead of walking or driving I do most of my traveling by bike. Windy condition or not, I still get the wind in my face but I'm fully bundled up, unlike the typical Japanese school girls in their skirts.

Yes amazing isn't it? That these school girls wear skirts in this weather condition and the only warm article of clothing, if you can call it warm, is their scarf. The boys on the other hand have their pants but I don't see many of them wearing jackets/coats, just the uniform jacket and white gloves. That must be a cool thing, right? I even read an article on the Japan Times that there is a school that doesnít have heating. It has something to do with building characters and Ö being cheap. I donít recall but Iíll put the link up once I find Amy Chavezís crazy article.

-here it is Houses with faux fur lining by Amy Chavez

Oh this also reminds me about my previous blog about dealing with cold weather. I've come to realize that my body reacts differently to the temperature depending on what I've been accustomed to. For example, if it's been in the 60's lately and the temperature drops down to 40. I would be shaking in my boots. But if the weather stays at 40 and I get used to it, 40 is no longer cold. Hence now that it's in the 30's, 40F degree seems like nice weather. So when I said I wasn't able to deal with cold weather as well as I thought, I was wrong. In my current state, I like it a lot more than hot humid weather.

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January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

I know this entry is almost a month late, but with the ability to change the blog entry time stamp, no one will know or be any the wiser, or will they? But does it really matter?

The past year has gone by really fast. I can recall exactly what I was doing last January and how much back pain I had. I remember walking across the drillfield as the bitter cold wind cuts through my face as I tread toward D2 and the cold nights going to McComas Gym. Overall even though it was a tough and trying time for me I felt that it made me stronger and I was able to make good friends there, right Mr. Briganti if you even read this!

Another high light was when I finally finished my paper work to Yamasa and actually left for Japan. What a weird feeling that was, to actually be in Japan and doing what I wanted. Unfortunately so much time has disappeared and there are so many things I wanted to do that I didn't get to do. I'm not regretting what I have done just wished I had done more. *Sigh* but I know it just couldn't be helped. Just like right now, how I want to do so many things but the opportunities just slip on by. I just I should do what I did when I was in blacksburg. Just get up grab the camera and go. I think I will just do that .... (hmmmÖ.)

Overall I think 2005 was a good year. A year of making dreams come true. A year of experiencing so many new things. A year of great memories that I don't think I will ever forget. A year that I want to re-live. Now it just seems that once you have been so high in the sky everything else is just a drop down.

However, 2006 will be another year of challenges and new obstacles to overcome. I will make it as memorable as I can!

Wish everyone a Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとう

Oh as a side note for the first time, I got my new years eve kiss. Don't be jealous!

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