March 29, 2006

DC Kites

This is what I did the other day. For some reason camera was not able to adapt to the changing clouds. I couldn't see the results so I wasn't able to properly change the settings.

Modified to make it more interesting. See the kites?

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March 24, 2006

Lagging it up

After just having left Japan and trying to get my body-clock adjust, I can really say Japan is a special place. For good clarification of why I think so here are some vivid examples:

The matsuri is called Hounen-sai / Hournen Matsuri 豊年際You can check out the history of this festival here

It was a great experienced but I was unable to take any good pictures since we there crowd was too large. I also didn't come prepared with a stepping stool but I still have yet to find a hardware store that sold something suitable for me. Instead, I should have staked out a good spot, but when you're in the moment that's not what you're thinking about. Again I should have known the obaachans would beat me to it and elbow me out of the way. I know I shouldn't be so nice to them!!!

I wanted to do so much more before I leave Japan but unfortunately this will be the last big event for me. All in all it was a great day , especially with two A-class guys, Ian and Amu. Their Japanese totally rocks my worlds, damn you guys for being smarter than me.

When I said goodbye to my friends they all asked why? I don't have just one reason. It's more of a collection of reasons. Mostly I thought it was time to go, Yamasa has provided me a good background in Japanese and knowledge of my language limitations. However the school has not provided me with the education and means to which I can future improve. They are like a machine that focus on one thing, and that is for you to past the JLPT. The test is not my goal. The program does not provide me with the means to which I can easily living in the Japan. So what I can read a honbun and know what it means. If I'm unable to talk to a Japanese person and understand them, then what is use of the education that I'm getting? I don't think I'm not the only one that feels this way. I've discussed this with many students at Yamasa. We all know that the school can only do so much and it has its limitations. The other reason is that I have to finish my grad school paper work and finally get a job. I need to move on and do something more with my life. Somehow incorporate Japan in to my future life. For now the Yamasa adventure is over.

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March 22, 2006

Departing once again

I will depart Japan in 4 hours. After living in Japan for 50.5 weeks it's incredible what you accumulate and how some just little paper can mean so much. That's why the past two days of packing has been a bit painful.

The most difficult part of leaving is not the leaving it self. It's waiting to leave, it's saying goodbye to your friends. It's seeing what you will leave behind. I do not regret the decision of leaving. I think I will have other opportunities to truly enjoy Japan. For now however I just need to move on. Complete the other things I have neglected for the past year.

My Japan journey for now has come to an end but I will hopefully continue to provide more pictures of my daily life.

For all my friends who are reading this and are still in Japan, I wish you luck in your studies and in your future endeavor. Just don't forget about me and leave me some space on your floor when I popup in Tokyo area.

Again, just like in Dec of 2003 when I said I wasn't done with Japan and I will be back. I will once again reiterate my goals and desires again. I don't think I have achieved what set it to do but I have not given up. This is just a small hiatus. The adventure will continue!

Take care!

Here are some pictures of two of my favorite girls from Japan. They have their own show called 遊びに行こっ! It's mainly only shown on Aichi-ken but you do often see them in other areas. Now I will never be able to watch their show again. NEVER :( These pictures will be the closest I'll ever get to seeing them. Yeah, sorry the pictures of them are not so flattering but I still like them!

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March 07, 2006

Spring 2006

Spring is not officially here yet but there are signs of it around. Oddly enough there was only one place that I actually saw blossoms this early and it was at Okazaki-jo. I can't figure out why though. Why just those trees in that certain area.

My web host contract will run out soon. In preparation I'm looking for a good photoblog scrit/program but the ones that do exist are not what Iím looking for. I like the capability of a blog and the archival and maintenance of photos. As of right they seem to be separate entities. I did find one just exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, it's not FREE! It's apart of a hosting package. Makes me feel like I should create my own program, but I don't think I have the time and energy to create something that comprehensive at the moment.

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Akira!!! Well I thought it was interesting that I saw this billboard. I know nothing about JPop or anything that is popular in Japan, but I recognize this guy! Kon-kon!

This was my hair just before I got it chopped up yesterday. I like the way it looks in this picture but long hair is hard to manage. However, now I wished I had my hair back. Strange how I'm rarely ever satisfied with my haircut, for once I would like to come out saying yeah I like it and I look good. Such a thing has yet to happen. Now I feel like I'm in the awkward stage and I either get used to it or wait until it grows back to a more comfortable length.

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