April 28, 2006

Color of Spring

Along with beautiful weather spring also brings a variety of colors. Here are a few that will hopefully brighten things up.

The only way to smell anything, just stick your face in there and breath deep!

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April 12, 2006


I've been bad since my return to the States. Iím truly living the life of a slacker. I sleep until noon almost everyday and staying up late. Eating and doing whatever when I like without any worries. Also being able to travel around by car, and doing what I please have been so liberating. I think the most important thing is actually being able to eat meat again!

Since last year I've lost a totally of 20 lbs. I was not fat before but I was in good physical form. Now I've lost all muscle mass and skinner than before. Why did I loose all that weight? Well it's Japan! I didn't eat any fatty foods and my diet mainly consists of fish, eggs, rice, and noodles. No meat, meat was expensive and chicken there was crap. Eating in general was expensive so I only ate when necessary. Unlike right now where I can stuff my face in without hesitation. I still keep moderation as key to not being a fat lard.

I've done a lot of resting for the past two weeks. That includes ample amount of sleep and vegging out in front of the tv. Yes that's the wonderful part so far, the crappy part is driving in Northern Virginia traffic. I'm always bumper to bumper sitting in traffic. For freak sakes can't I just fly down the road and feel my hair brush against my face before I have to slam on the breaks again? I just can't seem to get away from it even when I go at odd hours. Recently there been a lot of odd type of road construction.

Frustration aside, here are some pictures of the blossoms that are around Ryan's house (Great Heron). Purrty aren't they? Of course they were not taken with my camera or lense. Ryan's equipment is one notch above mine. Better camera, body D20, and lense, Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM. Yeah I just have an expensive toy compared to his.

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